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AWID is an international, feminist, membership organisation committed to achieving gender equality, sustainable development and women’s human rights

Human Rights Council (HRC)

The Human Rights Council (HRC) is the key intergovernmental body within the United Nations system responsible for the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe. It holds three regular sessions a year: in March, June and September. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) is the secretariat for the HRC.

The HRC works by:

  • Debating and passing resolutions on global human rights issues and human rights situations in particular countries

  • Examining complaints from victims of human rights violations or activist organizations on behalf of victims of human rights violations

  • Appointing independent experts (known as “Special Procedures”) to review human rights violations in specific countries and examine and further global human rights issues

  • Engaging in discussions with experts and governments on human rights issues

  • Assessing the human rights records of all UN Member States every four and a half years through the Universal Periodic Review

Learn more about the HRC

AWID works with feminist, progressive and human rights partners to share key knowledge, convene civil society dialogues and events, and influence negotiations and outcomes of the session.

With our partners, our work will:

◾️ Monitor, track and analyze anti-rights actors, discourses and strategies and their impact on resolutions

◾️ Raise awareness of the findings of the 2017 and 2021 OURs Trends Reports.

◾️Support the work of feminist UN experts in the face of backlash and pressure

◾️Advocate for state accountability
◾️ Work with feminist movements and civil society organizations to advance rights related to gender and sexuality.

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Que se passe-t-il si je ne peux pas participer en personne ? S'agira-t-il d'un format hybride ?

Oui ! Nous explorons actuellement des technologies innovantes qui permettront une connexion et une participation considérables.

Love letter to Feminist Movements #7

Dearest Feminist community,

I am pleased to share with you one of my remarkable dates as feminist with disability. It was May 30, 2014 when we (the Nationwide Organization of Visually-Impaired Empowered Ladies NOVEL) participated in the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2014 for our white cane advocacy campaign.  Two ladies who are blind walked down the catwalk to promote the white cane as one of the symbols of gender equality, empowerment, full inclusion and equal participation of women and girls with visual impairment in society. 

Love letter to feminist movements from Your dramatically cloaked jungle nymph.

Their walk in front of the crowd were extremely a nerve-wracking experience for me, as the proponent of our project with the Runway Productions (I enduringly waited for a year for its approval), knowing that they were not models, they were the crowned Ms. Philippines Vision and 1st Runner Up of 2013 Ms. Philippines on Wheels, Signs and Vision by Tahanang Walang Hagdanan, Inc. (House with No Steps). Also, they fell on their orientation and practiced the evening before the event and they didn’t have practice with professional models. Before the show started, I talked to them via mobile phone to boost their confidence and to pray together for God’s guidance. When they exited the catwalk, I breathed deeply while my tears were flowing. I was feeling euphoric because we did it despite the challenges we’ve been through! Our message to the world that women and girls with visual impairment can walk with dignity, freedom and independence on an equal basis with others, with the use of our assistive device - white canes was successfully delivered! We trended in social media and we were featured by television networks. 

My life as a feminist with disability started as a means to mend my broken spirit and to see a different path towards finding my life’s purpose after I became victim-survivor to a vicious acid attack in 2007  while I was waiting for a ride going home from office. My eyes were severely damaged, to the point that I became a woman with low vision.

I never knew how joyful and purposeful my life could be again until I met women leaders in the gender and disability movement who influenced me to keep going. Their words of encouragement attracted me and became the sweetest music to my ears. My broken heart leaped like a hummingbird in flight every time I think of them and feminism which stimulated me to partake in making difference for our invisible sisters with disabilities and to those who continue to experience discrimination. To date, I am consumed by the desire to be with the movement. I cannot hide my excitement whenever I submit project proposals to different stakeholders for our sisters with disabilities' empowerment, development and advancement; and to make representations in local, national and international conversations to amplify our voices even at my expense.

Unexpectedly, I was selected as our country’s female representative in the 2012 World Blind Union (WBU) General Assembly in Thailand even though I was a newcomer in the disability movement.  In the same year, I was elected as the only woman officer of the Philippine Blind Union (PBU) in its assembly. I was inspired to reach out, gather and empower our sisters with visual impairment on their rights and to know their intersecting issues. In 2013, we officially launched the Nationwide Organization of Visually-Impaired Empowered Ladies (NOVEL) to support the empowerment of our sisters with disabilities, build coalitions with cross-disability and women’s movements and promote gender and disability-inclusive development.

My participation as co-focal person of women with disabilities in our 2016 CEDAW Shadow Report submission convened by Women’s Legal and Human Rights Bureau (WLB) with the marginalized groups of women, opened many doors such as working with various women’s organizations and attending the 2017 Inclusion Days International in Berlin, Germany together with 3 Filipino women leaders with disabilities to share our good practices, mainly our engagement with the women’s movement in our country. 

My journey as feminist with disability has been an emotional roller coaster for me. It gave me  happiness and a sense of worth when I participated in promoting for our sisters with disabilities full inclusion, equal and effective participation in society, yet I felt frustrated and upset when I gave my all but I received negative remarks. Nevertheless, I feel that way because I am in love with the movement.    
I see my future working in solidarity with the movement to ensure that our sisters with and without disabilities can equally and fully enjoy and participate in society. 

Love lots, 
Gina Rose P. Balanlay
Feminist with disability

Formation à la méthodologie

Bientôt disponible :

Formation à la méthodologie

Vous souhaitez vous rassembler pour renforcer les résistances ? Cette méthodologie de formation propose des exercices de groupes qui renforcent les connaissances et le pouvoir du collectif, avec des adaptations pour répondre à vos besoins.

Bientôt disponible

Will there be a young feminist space? A disability justice space? A digital/tech hub? Funder coffee hours? Wellbeing and healing spaces?

We will share information about the program, the spaces, and the way for everyone to participate in shaping them, as soon as we can, and ways for you to participate in shaping them - on the road to the Forum, and during the Forum. Please stay tuned!

El Calendario Feminista 2023

Image of a calendar on a flat surface. The images decorating each month change every second: first there is a naked person sitting enjoying a hot drink in relaxation, then we see two pink hands over a blue background and finally a couple riding a motorcycle. This looks indefinitely.

AWID es parte de un impresionante ecosistema de movimientos feministas que trabajan para alcanzar la justicia de género y la justicia social en todo el mundo. Al acercarse nuestro 40° aniversario estamos celebrando todo lo que hemos construido a lo largo de estos últimos cuarenta años. Como organización global de apoyo a los movimientos feministas, sabemos que nuestro camino hacia adelante es trabajar con feminismos apasionados, reconociendo tanto la multiplicidad de los feminismos como el valor de un impulso por la justicia apasionado y sin reservas. El estado del planeta y de los movimientos feministas requiere conversaciones y acciones valientes. Esperamos con ansia trabajar junto con nuestrxs afiliadxs, asociadxs y donantes para crear los mundos en los que creemos,celebrar los logros y expresar la verdad ante el poder, al servicio de los movimientos feministas a nivel global.

El Calendario Feminista 2023 es un regalo para los movimientos. Presenta las obras de arte de algunxs de nuestrxs maravillosxs afiliadxs de AWID.

This is the cover for the 2023 Feminist Calendar. It shows a diverse group of people of all ages embracing and holding hands.

Úsalo. Imprímelo. Compártelo.

¡Consíguelo en tu idioma preferido!

Escoge la calidad de imagen

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Crear | Résister | Transform : visite guidée du Festival

Alors que le capitalisme hétéropatriarcal s’acharne à nous contraindre au consumérisme et à la conformité, nous constatons que nos luttes sont cloisonnées et séparées par des frontières aussi bien physiques que virtuelles.

Avec les défis supplémentaires d’une pandémie mondiale à surmonter, cette stratégie du « diviser pour mieux régner » a favorisé l’expansion de l’exploitation dans de nombreux domaines.

Malgré tout, du 1er au 30 septembre 2021, le festival Crear | Résister | Transform : un festival dédié aux mouvements féministes ! de l’AWID nous a emmené·e·s à la découverte de ce que cela signifiait d’incarner nos réalités dans des espaces virtuels. Lors du festival, des activistes féministes du monde entier se sont réuni·e·s non seulement pour partager des expériences de libertés, de résistances et de solidarités transfrontalières durement gagnées, mais aussi pour exprimer ce à quoi pourrait ressembler une forme transnationale d’unité. 

C’est précisément cette unité qui a le potentiel de dépasser les frontières, permettant de tisser une vision de l’avenir qui est transformatrice parce qu’abolitionniste et anticapitaliste. À travers des infrastructures numériques que nous avons investies avec notre queerness, notre résistance et nos imaginaires, le festival a présenté un moyen de se détourner des systèmes qui nous rendent complices de l’oppression des autres et de nous-mêmes. 

Si Audre Lorde nous a appris que « les outils du maître ne détruiront jamais la maison du maître », Sara Ahmed nous a montré en revanche que nous pouvons en faire mauvais usage. Le fait d’avoir à créer un espace de rassemblement, en dépit de toutes les autres contraintes pesant sur nos emplois du temps, nous a permis d’imaginer une façon de rompre avec la réalité du capitalisme hétéropatriarcal. 

Maintenant, si nous comprenons le rassemblement comme une forme de plaisir, il devient alors possible de faire le lien entre le plaisir transgressif et la résistance transnationale/transdigitale; entre les types de plaisir qui bousculent les frontières d’une part, et la queerness, la théâtralité, la lutte pour la terre et les autochtones, l’anticapitalisme et l’organisation anticoloniale d’autre part.

La présente édition a tenté de donner une idée de la manière dont l’exercice de rassemblement du festival a revêtu de multiples formes et imaginations. Au-delà des collaborations directes avec certain·e·s de ses orateurices et rêveur·se·s, nous avons fait appel à une pléthore d’autres voix du Sud mondial pour aborder plusieurs de ces sujets et thématiques. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une carte de certains des panels du festival qui nous ont le plus inspiré·e·s.

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Snippet Kohl - Panel “un”Inclusive Feminism: The voiceless girls in the Haitian feminist movement

Globe “un”Inclusive Feminism

with Naike Ledan and Fédorah Pierre-Louis.


CFA 2023 - Who, where, when - FR

Quand : du 2 au 5 décembre 2024
Où : Bangkok, Thaïlande; et en ligne
Qui : Environ 2 500 féministes du monde entier participant en personne, et 3 000 participant virtuellement

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Última actualización: mayo de 2019


Sexting Like a Feminist: Humor in the Digital Feminist Revolution | Content Snippet

Sexting Like a Feminist: Humor in the Digital Feminist Revolution

On September 2nd, 2021, the amazing feminist and social justice activists of AWID’s Crear | Résister | Transform festival came together not only to share resistance strategies, co-create, and transform the world, but also to talk dirty on Twitter.

The exercise was led by Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah, co-founder of the blog Adventures From The Bedrooms of African Women and author of The Sex Lives of African Women, who paired up with the Pan-Africanist digital queer womanist platform AfroFemHub, to ask the question: How can we safely and consensually explore our pleasure, desires, and fantasies via text?

Basically: How would a feminist sext?

I believe this is a critically important question because it looks at the larger issue of how one navigates the online world with a feminist understanding. Under capitalism, discourse around bodies and sex can be dehumanizing and distorting, and navigating sexual pleasure in virtual spaces can feel performative. So seeking out avenues where we can explore how we share our desire in ways that are affirming and enthusiastic can push back against dominant models of presentation and consumption to reclaim these spaces as sites for authentic engagement, proving that all sexting should be just that: feminist.

Plus, allowing feminist discourse to embody its playful side in online discourse helps reframe a popular narrative that feminist engagement is joyless and dour. But as we know, having fun is part of our politics, and an inherent part of what it means to be feminist.

Using the hashtag #SextLikeAFeminist, scholars and activists from all over the world chimed in with their thirstiest feminist tweets, and here are my top ten.

As these tweets show, it turns out that sexting like a feminist is sexy, funny – and horny. Yet, it never loses sight of its commitment to equity and justice.

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