WHRD Tribute

We remember and pay tribute to Women's Human Rights Defenders from around the world.

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WHRD Tribute - Video in memory of WHRDs we have lost- Tile - EN

WHRD Tribute

With this online exhibit we honor feminists and Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) who have died.

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Our online exhibit

All of them made contributions to the advancement of human rights and they are very much missed.


Helen Joanne "Jo" Cox (EN)
Rebecca Masika Katsuva (EN)
Hande Kader (EN)
Nilce de Souza Magalhães
Sagal Salad Osman (EN)
Paola Barraza (EN)
Brenda Marleni Estrada Tambito (EN)
Alesha (EN)
Lohana Berkins (EN)
Anabel Flores Salazar (EN)