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Who We Are

The Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID) is a global, feminist membership organization.

For over 30 years we have been a part of the incredible ecosystem of women’s rights movements working to achieve gender equality, sustainable development and women's human rights worldwide.

AWID Forum - Cape Town -610x470
AWID Forum, Cape Town, 2008

Our vision

A world where human rights and freedoms, environmental sustainability and gender justice are a lived reality for all people and the planet.

Our mission

We aim to be a driving force within the global community of feminist and women’s rights activists, organizations and movements, strengthening our collective voice, influencing and transforming structures of power and decision-making and advancing human rights, gender justice and environmental sustainability worldwide. 

Working together is key for women’s rights and gender justice to be a lived reality and we support feminist and women’s rights organizations and movements to collaborate effectively across issues, regions and constituencies.

Our work serves to support, resource and strengthen women’s rights organizations and movements so that they in turn can be more effective in their struggles.

The main focus of our work is global but we also work closely with our members and other women’s rights groups and allies at local, national and regional levels, so that their realities inform our work. We respond to some of the challenging problems that women’s rights movements face, by:

  • building knowledge from a feminist perspective and putting new ideas on the table for a more just development agenda;
  • organizing and facilitating constructive spaces for our members and other diverse women’s rights organizations and allies to strategize and collaborate;
  • participating in international spaces to advocate and present concrete policy proposals for women’s rights worldwide;
  • mobilizing our members and broader constituency to strengthen collective action; and
  • equipping women’s rights movements with timely and accurate information they can use in their struggles - we are a trusted multilingual online platform for the latest information and analysis on women’s rights worldwide.

Our Donors

Thank you!

Without the generous funding and support from our donors, our work would not be possible