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AWID Membership - Join Us

By joining AWID, you are becoming part of worldwide feminist organizing, a collective power that is rooted in working across movements and is based on solidarity.

Reasons to Join


Be part of an international feminist membership organization and community. Our members are based in all regions of the world, learning and supporting each other in a global network based on solidarity.


Find and create connections. There are over 6,000 AWID members, all working to address complementary, interconnected issues. This diversity supports the sustainability of feminist movements and actors.


Share your stories and hear from others. By connecting our experiences, narratives and proposals we help co-create and amplify Feminist Realities.


Think big! With our international reach, we combine analytical work with political and practical tools for advocacy and transformation to advance the cause of feminist movements at all levels.


Expand your boundaries. AWID members increasingly represent a diverse and vibrant cross-section of feminists working on land rights, workers’ rights, sexual rights and bodily autonomy, among other issues. By joining us as a member, you can connect your struggles across movements.


Engage with the AWID International Forum - a major global feminist gathering - and have access to special AWID member discounts and enty points for virtual dialogue. Co-created by feminist movements, the Forum is a unique space for deep discussion and imagination where we challenge and strengthen our organizing, where we connect our struggles and feminist realities together.

Our Values


We take a position in solidarity with each other and diverse struggles for justice and freedoms. We strive to mobilize and strengthen collective action and practice meaningful ways of working with each other.

Human rights

We believe in a full application of the principle of rights including those enshrined in international laws and affirm the belief that all human rights are interrelated, interdependent and indivisible. We are committed to working towards the eradication of all discriminations based on gender, sexuality, religion, age, ability, ethnicity, race, nationality, class or other factors.

Responsibility, Accountability, and Integrity

We strive for transparency, responsible use of our resources, fairness in our collaborations and accountability and integrity with our members, partners, funders and the movements with(in) which we work. We are committed to reflecting on our experiences, sharing our learnings openly, and striving to change our practices accordingly.


We believe that for feminist movements to be transformative and strong we must continue to work across our similarities and differences. We also must interrogate power and privilege both within and outside our movements.

Bodily autonomy, integrity and freedoms<

We celebrate everyone's right to choose their identities, relationships, goals, work, dreams and pleasures, and what they do with their mind, body and spirit. We believe in working towards access to resources, information and safe and enabling environments that allow this to happen.

Justice and systemic change

We work towards a world based on social, environmental, and economic justice; and interdependence, solidarity, and respect. We work towards dismantling systems of oppressive power and against all its manifestations, including patriarchy, fundamentalisms, militarisms, fascisms and corporate power that threaten our lives and our world. We want a just world where resources and power are shared in ways that enable everyone to thrive.

What Our Members Say


"I participated in a member-only activity and I was particularly moved to see how there was space for everyone to share and that there was no judgment whatsoever. The entire session was energetic and vibrant."

- Kirthi Jayakumar, Founder, The Gender Security Project, India 


"Joining AWID, I hope I can help in the mobilization of the feminist movement. Not just for the privileged women, but for ALL women and feminist activists."

- Angelina Mootoo, Intersectional and Caribbean Feminist, Guyana/USA

To join as a member - step by step

  1. Read and endorse the AWID Values and Community Guidelines.
  2. Fill out your membership sign-up form and indicate your contribution to at least one type of action proposed.
  3. Check your mailbox for a confirmation of your membership.
  4. Fulfill your contribution commitment to the type(s) of action you chose in the sign-up form.

Welcome to our global feminist community!


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