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A powerful base of feminist, women’s rights and gender justice defenders, activists and allies, connecting, exchanging, learning and acting together for transformative change.

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Become a Member

By joining AWID, you can contribute to strengthening women’s rights movements and help drive transformative change for human rights, gender justice and environmental sustainability worldwide.

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Reasons to Join

We are the only international feminist membership organization with members in all regions of the world. Together we make change happen. Members mobilize together on urgent actions, build capacity via webinars, and connect with others on our members only Platform

Every 3-4 years, we organize the AWID International Forum – the largest global forum of its kind, providing a critical platform to find collective solutions to advance gender justice and women’s human rights worldwide (as well as have fun, learn from and inspire each other!). Members attend at discounted rates!

We contribute to giving visibility to the critical and diverse work of women’s rights activists and organizations around the world – from the local to the international levels.

Our engagement with young feminist activists, (over one-third of our membership) contributes to the sustainability of women’s rights work and has become a clear flagship of the work we do. You can also become a member of AWID’s Young Feminist Wire!

We work collaboratively and use our positioning to open spaces for women’s rights organizations and movements to participate in key policy-making venues at the global level. Members participate in online mobilizations in support of key global policy agendas

We combine our feminist analytical work with both political and practical tools. Our quarterly membership e-newsletter will keep you up to date, and you’ll also receive online versions of AWID’s latest publications direct to your inbox!

AWID's Membership Values

AWID's members are diverse, dedicated to achieving gender justice, sustainable development and human rights around the world. Our shared values enable us to work together to advance women’s rights.

These values are:

Diversity: Members come from all backgrounds, beliefs, abilities and experiences. As such, openness to diversity must be an integral aspect of advancing women's rights. We believe in working together as feminists and women’s rights advocates, in learning from each other's diverse realities, and in creating just societies and healthy environments for every person.

Human rights: We will work towards the full application of the rights enshrined in CEDAW and other international laws and against fundamentalisms of all sorts that threaten these rights. Human rights must be seen as indivisible and universal. We will work towards the eradication of all discriminations based on gender, sexuality, religion, age, ability, ethnic background, nationality, class or other factors.

Autonomy: We champion a woman's right to choose her relationships, her goals, her dreams, and what she wants to do with her mind, body and spirit.

Cooperation: We work towards a world and an economic system based on social and economic justice, interdependence, solidarity and respect rather than competition and exploitation. We want a world without war and without the systems of oppression against which women and men have struggled in patriarchal societies for thousands of years.

Responsibility: In all of our work, we will strive for transparency, responsible use of our resources, fairness in our collaborations, accountability and integrity.