Become an AWID organizational member

Become an AWID member

Welcome to a dynamic and diverse network of members from over 180 countries around the world!

As an AWID member, you are part of a worldwide feminist community, and contribute to building collective power across movements, based on principles of global solidarity.

Contribute What You Can!

To make AWID membership as accessible as possible, we have moved to a Contribute What You Can model. Membership dues below are voluntary, except for organisations with a yearly budget of over $1 million US.

If you are applying for organisational membership and belong to a group with an annual budget of over $1 million US we are asking for a monetary contribution of at least $100 US on an annual basis in support of solidarity actions.

If your organisation has a yearly budget lower than $1 million US, you can choose to:


Check out the Featured Actions section of AWID’s website and get inspired to contribute!
Download and explore the Feminist Realities toolkit! Consider using it with your community and then let us know what emerged !


Like and follow AWID on TwitterFacebookLinkedinInstagram and YouTube ’s social media accounts


Read AWID’s latest articlesanalysis or publications and learn about interconnected feminist issues

Tell us about your organisation or group!

This information is for AWID’s internal purposes only. It helps us understand the degree to which our membership is reflective of the diversity of the movements we aim to serve.

Which of the following constituencies do you work with?
What area of work or activism best describes what the organization/group does?

Organizational Online Profiles (this information is used for internal purposes only)

Leave when you Wish

In order to build more sustainability in the AWID member community, we have moved to a “Leave When You Wish” membership with terms that renew every 5 years. You can therefore withdraw your AWID membership anytime you wish, and will be asked every 5 years to formally renew.

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