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Feminist Realities: Our Power in Action | An Exploratory Toolkit

Feminist Realities are the living, breathing examples of the just worlds we are co-creating. They have always been in our midst. Seeking them out and sharing them will help move us all towards a place where they will be the norm - the expected.

What is the Feminist Realities Toolkit?

Inside this dynamic, living document you’ll find:

  • An overview of the Feminist Realities framework
  • A step-by-step guide to spark different, creative conversations
  • A range of resources to spotlight Feminist Realities
  • And more!

These tools are now yours to seek out and amplify validating, inspiring and emboldening stories.

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Feminist Realities are our power in action. They are our feminisms in practice.

We understand Feminist Realities both as current, existing practices that people and groups are forging, as well as the ideas and ways of thinking and doing that are being developed.

These Feminist Realities go beyond resisting oppressive systems. They show us what a world without domination, exploitation and supremacy can look like.

You too can use this Toolkit to spot and amplify the Feminist Realities in your community.

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An offering to movements

The Feminist Realities Toolkit was designed by Vidushi Yadav illustrator and graphic designer based in India.

“I imagine a world where women move about freely and that’s the world I draw. 
My women have shunned all the ideas of shame that were once attached to their bodies and skin by the system.
They have come a long way and finally have chosen to be gloriously themselves.
They are in complete control over their mind and body. They take space and do not apologise for it.
I am surrounded by these women and they fuel my art.”

Vidushi Yadav, CFR Toolkit illustrator

Created to support AWID staff and partners in their work to seek, identify and amplify Feminist Realities, this document has been expanded to offer the wider community some tools, and hopefully inspiration, to explore, share and unearth their Feminist Realities.

As an international, feminist, movement-support organization, we feel it is our task to not only respond to the needs and experiences of the movements we serve, but to also be bold and propositional in our contributions to the material and conceptual landscapes that nourish and sustain those movements.

Learn more about our strategic plan to Co-create Feminist Realities

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