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Protection of the Family

This special focus section provides critical feminist analysis and access to key resources related to ‘Protection of the Family’ in international human rights spaces.

Over the past few years, a troubling new trend at the international human rights level is being observed, where discourses on ‘protecting the family’ are being employed to defend violations committed against family members, to bolster and justify impunity, and to restrict equal rights within and to family life.

The campaign to ‘Protect the Family’ is driven by conservative efforts to impose ‘traditional’ and patriarchal interpretations of the family, and to move rights out of the hands of family members and into the institution of ‘the family’.

“Protection of the Family” efforts stem from:

  • rising traditionalism,
  • rising cultural, social and religious conservatism and
  • sentiment hostile to women’s human rights, sexual rights, child rights and the rights of persons with non-normative gender identities and sexual orientations.

This trend is on the rise across human rights spaces.

Read about the latest resolutions that have passed at the UN Human Rights Council

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