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There Is No Place for Anti-Trans Agendas in the UN

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We express grave concerns over the series of harmful statements made and actions1 taken by the current UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls, its causes and consequences, Reem Alsalem. To our dismay, the Special Rapporteur has persistently advocated for additional obstacles and conditions to legal gender recognition that undermine the rights protections of trans people, rather than calling for bodily autonomy for all. Instead of strengthening protections of marginalized groups and contributing to progressive legacies of previous Special Rapporteur and feminist movements that untiringly advocated for the creation of the office, we witness that the current Special Rapporteur is misusing her position and power to advocate for discriminatory policies against trans people and misapplying established human rights principles and frameworks. 

We are alarmed that the Special Rapporteur has weaponized “protection of women’s rights” to advocate for positions that misrepresent and regress from international norms and standards. In advocating for “single sex spaces” and increased barriers to legal gender recognition, the Special Rapporteur has also called for the “return” to an understanding of violence against women that is “based on their female sex”2 and upholds “sex-based rights.”3 Not only does this deviate from a feminist and scientific understanding of “sex” as being socially constructed, rather than fixed, essentialist, binary, biological and based on physiological characteristics. It is also contrary to international human rights standards that have evolved considerably to address discrimination based on gender45 which has been defined as a social construct “....that justifies inequality and provides a means to categorize, order and symbolize power relations.”6 In opposing the use of gender based discrimination to justify harmful policies against trans people and protect women’s “sex based rights,” the Special Rapporteur perpetuates and mirrors arguments and strategies used by states in the UN who increasingly oppose the use of “gender” in intergovernmental negotiations and other UN policy spaces.  

We reject the co-optation of the human rights framework, particularly the notion put forward by the Special Rapporteur that the fulfillment of the rights of trans women and cis women is or can be conflicting and incompatible7. We denounce the mandate holder’s grave misuse of the feminist concept of ‘intersectionality.’8 In doing so, the Special Rapporteur actively undermines the principles of the universality and indivisibility of rights, and goes against our values as feminists.

The Special Rapporteur claims that her position is supported by “feminist organizations.”9 However, many diverse feminists, women’s rights, human rights, and LGBTIQ+ organizations and activists have voiced their disagreement with the views she is expressing. Moreover, they have attempted to raise concerns directly with her about the potential dangers of such a statement10. These attempts were made in good faith, with the purpose of providing constructive feedback so that she will, at minimum, preserve gains made by the existing mandate that has historically been invaluable to the work of feminist movements worldwide.

Based on recent statements and actions, the Special Rapporteur has indicated no intention of reconsidering her position. On the contrary, she is continuing to perpetuate narratives upholding outdated and non-scientific understandings of binary biological sex, and reinforcing unfounded and sensationalized myths that vilify and dehumanize trans women, under the guise of “protection of women’s rights.”11 In doing so, she has openly contradicted and regressed from established international human rights standards and norms on gender and sexuality, insisting on a  regressive reading of international human rights law contained in the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Special Rapporteurs hold a central role in the UN system as independent experts mandated to protect the rights of the marginalized and ensure implementation to remedy and prevent harm based on international human rights principles . Among the mandates of the Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls is to  adopt a comprehensive and universal approach to the elimination of violence against women and girls, its causes and consequences, including causes of violence against women relating to the civil, cultural, economic, political and social spheres.12Reem Alsalem’s publicly stated positions and actions have fundamentally compromised  the mandate to address violence against women.

We unequivocally affirm the following position: 

  1. Our work as feminists to advance the right to bodily autonomy and human rights for all cannot be isolated from the fight for legal recognition of each person’s self-defined gender identity, expression, and sexuality. As trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming persons continue to face systemic and institutionalized discrimination and violence based on their gender identity and/or expression in accessing essential services, the Special Rapporteur's call for additional obstacles to legal gender recognition13 is in itself discriminatory. Further, the connection made between the removal of barriers for legal gender recognition with increased risk of “male violence” and “retraumatization and revictimization”14 lacks empirical evidence.15 Equally importantly, it does not reflect the lived experiences of either trans people or those interacting with them, nor, in fact, the experience of victims/survivors of violence of all genders. The Special Rapporteur's crusade to defend “single sex spaces”16 is dangerous in two ways. First, it legitimizes and perpetuates anti-trans narratives that fuel the violence and discrimination targeted at trans people, which have intensified over the past years. Second, it  dangerously misrepresents the causes, consequences, and impacts of gender-based violence against all people. We fear that the Special Rapporteur has provided a foundation from which to validate restrictions against the bodily autonomy of women and girls, along with other marginalized groups.
  2. The coordinated mobilization against rights protections of trans people cannot be understood in isolation from heightened hyper-nationalism and religious fundamentalisms, wider regressions and attacks on human rights globally. From the criminalization of abortion in Poland17 and the USA18, to the onslaught of anti-LGBTIQ+ laws being passed in Uganda19 and Russia20, racist anti-migrant laws and policies across Europe21, and the push for punitive and protectionist frameworks against sex work in UN policy spaces;22 these regressions aim to construct an exclusionary society that reinforces social hierarchies and norms of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, caste, and class23. Feminist research has demonstrated extensively connections between anti-trans groups justifying discrimination under the pretext of “protecting women's rights” and religious fundamentalists groups.24
  3. The progress and protections afforded by international human rights law and mechanisms as we know them is a result of decades of struggle and hard work of progressive movements. Feminists, LGBTIQ+ advocates, human rights defenders, and communities negatively affected by patriarchy, racism, casteism, neoliberalism, ableism, and other forms of structural inequalities have, and continue, the struggle to dismantle these systems of oppression, and advocate for justice and liberation for all. The groundbreaking work done by all the previous UN Special Rapporteurs on Violence against Women is testament to this.25
  4. We recognise and affirm that our struggles for bodily autonomy are inextricably interlinked:the fulfillment of the rights of all marginalized groups, and universality and indivisibility must remain at the heart of all human rights work.

In short, none of us are free, until all of us are. 

The Special Rapporteur must guarantee the mandate’s independence, accountability to rights-holders. We believe that the harmful position taken by the Special Rapporteur undermines the integrity, independence, and credibility of the Special Procedures mechanism as a whole. As feminists, we demand accountability for and a halt to the Special Rapporteur’s harmful practices. We insist that the UN system ensures voices and concerns of feminists, women’s rights, and LGBTIQ+ movements - particularly trans-led groups, are at the center rather than the margins. 

We invite groups, organizations and individuals to sign on to the statement by June 19, 2023                                                

Organisations who signed up

  1. A Different View Project
  2. ABL -Articulação Brasileira de Lésbicas
  3. Abogadas por la igualdad
  4. Abogades por los Derechos Sexuales (AboSex)
  5. Abortistasmx
  6. AccessBC
  7. Accountability International
  8. Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights
  10. Actions pour la Réinsertion Sociale de la Femme "ARSF"
  11. Africa Center for Health Systems and Gender Justice
  12. Africa Rise Foundation
  13. African Women Solidarity
  14. Agentur für soziale Perspektiven e.V.
  15. Aide aux Trans du Québec (ATQ)
  16. Aireana, grupo por los derechos de las lesbianas
  18. ALCE (Abolición de Lógicas de Castigo y Encierro)
  19. Aleordoñez
  20. Aliades
  21. Alianza Mexicana de Trabajadoras Sexuales
  22. All Women’s Action Society (AWAM)
  23. Altavoz LGBT+
  24. ALTSEAN-Burma
  25. AMIGAY aps
  26. Antifaz
  27. Apad kivu
  28. Arcigay Firenze Altre Sponde
  29. Argentina Intersex
  30. arrecife
  31. Arrecife Arte Trans
  32. Arus Pelangi
  33. ASEAN SOGIE Caucus
  34. Asia Feminist LBQ Network
  35. Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW)
  36. Asia Pacific Transgender Network
  37. Asia Pacific Transgender Organisation
  38. Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center (AJWRC)
  39. Asociación Ciudadana ACCEDER
  40. Asociacion de mujeres feministas de Berlanga
  41. Asociación feminista de trabajadoras sexuales
  43. Asociacion Mexicana de empresarios LGBT Capítulo Durango
  44. Asociación para las Infancias Transgénero
  45. Asociacion Taller de Educación en Valores Alternativos (Colectivo Cala)
  46. Asociacion Transformar Peru
  47. Asociación Transvida
  48. Associação Brasileira Innterdisciplinar de AIDS (ABIA)
  49. Associação Brasileira LGBTI+ (ABGLT)
  50. Associação Nacional de Travestis e transexuais do BRASIL (ANTRA)
  51. Association of Transgender People in the Philippines (ATP)
  52. Association of Women Lawyers
  53. Association pour la Conservation et la Protection des Écosystèmes des Lacs et l'Agrlculture Durable
  54. Association Spectra
  55. Association Transgenres et Droits
  56. Atria institute on gender equality and women's history
  57. Australian Lawyers for Human Rights
  58. Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network
  59. Aviso colectivo trans
  60. Aye Myanmar Association
  61. AZAD LGBTİ Azerbaijan
  62. Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventud AC
  63. Benson Visuals
  64. BIPOC TV & Film
  65. Bisdak Pride, Inc.
  66. Blue Diamond Society
  67. Body&Data
  68. Bold Humans
  69. Broken Rainbow - japan
  70. Bundesverband Trans* (BVT*)
  71. CAISO: Sex and Gender Justice
  72. Camba Meraki
  73. Camerata Vocal México
  74. Campaign for Change
  75. Campanha Nem Presa Nem Morta
  76. CAN-Myanmar
  77. Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity
  78. CARAM Asia
  79. Casa de las muñecas tiresias a.c.
  80. Casa Rara
  81. Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir (CDD) México
  82. Cebu United Rainbow LGBTIQ+ Sector Inc.
  83. Center for Migration, Gender, and Justice
  84. Center for Reproductive Rights
  85. Center Women and Modern World
  86. Centre for Environment, Human Rights & Development Forum - CEHRDF
  87. Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy
  88. Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans
  89. Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales (CELS)
  90. Centro de Promoción y Defensa de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos Promsex
  91. Centro Juvenil Futuro
  93. Centro Mujeres agráviela Hierro AC
  94. CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality
  95. Choice in Health Clinic
  96. Chorra Editora
  97. Circuito de la Diversidad Sexual
  98. Circulo Feminista de Análisis Jurídico
  99. Citizen, Democracy and Accountability
  100. Clínica Mediegde salud sexual y Reproductiva
  101. Clóset de Sor Juana
  102. Coalición Mexicana LGBTTTI +
  103. Coalition for Sexual & Bodily Rights in Muslim Societies (CSBR)
  104. Coalition sexual and health rights of marginalised communities MARGINS, Republic of North Macedonia
  105. COC Nederland
  107. Colectiva ADAS (Acompañamiento Después de un Aborto Seguro)
  108. Colectiva diversidad-es
  109. Colectiva Feminista para el Desarrollo Local
  110. Colectiva Flores del Desierto
  111. Colectiva Luchadoras MX
  112. Colective Transcendentes
  113. Colectivo de Prostitutas de Sevilla
  114. Colectivo Michoacán es Diversidad
  115. Colectivo Mujeres Al Derecho
  116. Colectivo Seres AC
  117. Colectivo Trans
  118. Colectivo trans por la libertad de ser y hacer
  119. Coletivo de Assessoria Cirandas
  120. Collectif des Femmes du Mali(COFEM)
  121. Colores Trans
  122. Community Care Collective
  123. Compañía Victoria Sickness
  124. Comuna Diversa
  125. Comunidad de Durango
  126. comunidad intersexual de México
  127. Conectas Direitos Humanos
  128. Congregation of Our Lady of Charity of the Good Shepherd
  129. Consortium of LGBT+ Voluntary and Community Organisations
  130. Consultorio Jurídico Feminista (CJF)
  131. Conurbanes por la Diversidad
  132. Copenhagen Pride
  133. Corporación LeGal BienesTar
  134. CREA
  135. CSD Deutschland e.V.
  136. CSD München
  137. CTU ( Colectivo Trans del Uruguay)
  138. Cynara Gender Training Platform and Consulting
  139. Data Cívica
  141. Delirio Cuir
  142. Derechos Autonomías y Sexualidades (DAS Cancún)
  143. Derechos Autonomías y Sexualidades AC
  144. Di RAMONA
  146. Diverlex Diversidad e Igualdad a través de la Ley
  147. Diversidad Dominicana
  148. Doctors for Choice Malta
  149. Drama Queens Ghana
  150. Dzaleka Azimai Union (DAU)
  152. EATHAN - East Africa Trans Health & Advocacy Network
  153. ECoSex
  154. Egale Canada
  155. El Aullido
  156. El Día Después Mx
  158. emergent justice collective
  159. Empresa
  160. Enclave
  161. End Rape on Campus Australia
  162. Equal Asia Foundation
  163. Equality Bahamas
  164. Equality New York
  165. Equality Rights Africa Organization
  166. Equinox Initiative for Racial Justice
  167. EQUIS Justicia para las Mujeres
  168. EUFORIA. Familias Trans-Aliadas
  169. European Pride Organisers Association
  170. European Professional Association for Transgender Health (EPATH)
  171. European Sex Workers Rights Alliance
  172. Eyala
  173. FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders
  174. Fama
  175. Family Planning Australia
  176. FEASIES
  177. FEDERA
  178. FemAgora
  179. FemDev Consulting
  180. Feminism Makes Us Smarter
  181. Feminismos del Sur
  182. Feminist Conversations Kenya (FCK)
  183. Feminist Support For Youth Initiative Uganda
  184. Feminists Against Ableism
  185. FemLink
  188. Femmes Volontaires pour l'humanité (FVH).
  189. FLUX
  192. Fondo Semillas
  193. Forum for Civic Participation in Governance -Kenya
  194. Fórum Nacional de Travestis e Transexuais Negras e Negros -FONATRANS
  195. Foundation HE+HIV/
  196. FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund
  197. Fund for Global Human Rights
  198. Fundació Àmbit Prevenció
  199. Fundación Arcoiris por el respeto a la diversidad sexual
  200. Fundación Ayllu Familias Transmasculinas
  201. Fundación Ecuatoriana Equidad
  202. Fundación GAAT - Grupo de Acción y Apoyo a personas Trans
  203. Fundación Iguales
  204. Fundación Pakta
  205. Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer
  206. GADIP, Gender and Development in Practice
  207. GAFADIS (Grupo de Apoyo de Familiares y Amigxs de la Diversidad Sexual- Costa Rica)
  208. galck+
  209. GALE- The Global Alliance for LGBT Education
  210. GATE, Global Action for Trans Equality
  211. Gender DynamiX
  212. Gender Essence
  213. Género, Etica y Salud Sexual AC
  215. Global Justice Center
  216. Global Network of Sex Work Projects
  217. Global south Coalition For Dignified Menstruation
  218. Global Women's Health, Rights and Empowerment Initiative (GWHREI)
  219. Glorious interfaith initiative
  221. GPESI juventudes
  222. Growth Speak Gym Philippines
  223. Grupo de Estudios Interdisciplinarios de Género y Sexualidad - Paréntesis
  224. Grupo Lésbico, Bisexual Feminista-POR NOSOTRAS-
  225. Gruppo Trans Arcigay Firenze
  226. Guendaracané
  227. Hamilton Trans Health Coalition
  228. Hanla Clara
  229. Health Liberation Now!
  230. Here NI
  231. Hevi Lgbti+ Association
  232. HIV Justice Network
  233. HIV Legal Network
  234. Hivos
  235. Hombres Trans Diversos de Bolivia
  236. Hombres Trans Panama
  238. Humang Rights and LGBT+ Citiizenship Research Group/Federal University of Minas Gerais/Brazil
  239. Humanists International
  240. Hysteria! Revista
  241. i freedom Uganda Network
  242. IBRAT - Instituto Brasileiro de Transmasculinidades
  243. ICASO
  244. IGLYO - The International LGBTQI Youth & Student Organisation
  245. ILGA Oceania
  246. ILGALAC - Asociación Internacional de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales, Trans e Intersex para América Latina y el Caribe
  247. ILGA World
  248. Ilias Centre for Global Liberty
  249. Iloilo Pride Team
  250. Ilota Ledo
  251. Independent feminist seminar &cafe on gender and intersectionality
  252. India HIV/AIDS Alliance
  253. Indigenous Women Legal Awareness Group (INWOLAG)
  254. Iniciativa Mesoamericana de Mujeres Defensoras de Derechos Humanos (IM-Defensoras)
  255. Initiative for Strategic Litigation in Africa
  256. Initiative Sankofa de l'Afrique de l'Ouest
  257. Instituto de liderazgo Simone de Beauvoir
  258. Instituto Marielle Franco
  259. Instituto Matizes
  260. International Institute on Race, Equality and Human Rights
  261. International Network on Violence against Women and girls
  262. International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF)
  263. International Trans Fund
  264. International Women Fund Azerbaijan
  265. International Women's Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW Asia Pacific)
  266. Intersecta Organización para la Igualdad, A.C.
  267. Intersex Iceland
  268. Invasorix
  269. Ipas
  270. IPPF Americas y El Caribe
  271. Iranti
  272. It Gets Better Guatemala
  273. IWDA
  274. Jóvenes Prevenidos A.C.
  275. Just Associates - JASS
  276. Just.Equal Australia Inc
  277. Kaos GL
  278. Karuna, Salud y Desarrollo, A.C.
  279. Key Populations Uganda
  280. kolekTIRV
  281. KRYSS Network
  282. La Hervidera
  283. La Tianguis Disidente
  284. Laboratorio de Narrativas Divergentes
  285. Laboratorio de Narrativas Divergentes AC
  286. Ladlad LGBT Partylist
  287. LakanBini Advocates Pilipinas
  288. Lanängen
  289. Las Marikarmen
  290. Las Reinas Chulas Cabaret y Derechos Humanos AC
  291. Les bénévoles des océans du Cameroun
  292. LGB Alliance Friends Edinburgh
  293. LGBT Foundation
  294. LGBT+ Network for Change
  295. LGBTI por la Paz
  296. LGBTIQ+ Transformando Vidas
  297. LGBTIQA+ Greens
  298. Litigio Estratégico en Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos, Ledeser, A.C.
  299. LSVD
  300. Lugar de mujer a.c.
  301. MADRE
  302. MAL: Memoria y acción lésbica
  303. Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement
  304. Mama Cash
  306. MAP Foundation
  307. Masculinidades Diversas
  308. Masimanyane Women's Rights International
  309. May 17 Association
  310. Maywa Warmi - Insurrección Feminista
  311. MenEngage Global Alliance
  312. MGRM - Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement
  313. Mitiga CO2
  314. Molao Matters
  315. Movimiento de mujeres Positivas
  316. Movimiento de Mujeres Positivas/Asociación Viviendo Positivamente
  317. Mujer Libre Mx Fuerza de Ixchel A.C.
  318. Mujer y Salud en Uruguay MYSU
  319. Mujeres de Xochilt
  322. Mulabi/Espacio Latinoamericano de Sexualidades y Derechos
  323. Nairasha Legal Support
  324. NAIZEN Asociación de familias de menores transexuales
  325. Namibia Diverse Women Association (NDWA)
  326. National Allaince of Women Human right Defenders
  327. National Alliance of Women Human Rights Defenders (NAWHRD)
  328. National Center for Transgender Equality
  329. National Council of German Women‘s Organisations (Deutscher Frauenrat)
  330. National Trans Coalition Human Rights NGO (NTC)
  331. National workers congress
  332. Nebula Fund
  333. Netwerk Regenboog FNV
  334. Network of Gender Journalists for Women and Cultural Advancement (NoGJWCA)
  335. Ngao Foundation
  336. No Binarie Costa Rica
  337. NOOR
  338. North South Initiative
  339. Nous Sommes la Solution
  340. Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project
  341. Oaxatrans A. C.
  342. Observatorio Ciudadano lgbti+ Chiapas
  343. Observatorio Ciudadano por los derechos lgbti+
  344. Observatório de Sexualidade e Política
  345. Observatorio Nacional de Crímenes de Odio contra personas LGBTI+ en México
  346. ODRI Intersectional Rights - Office against Discrimination, Racism, and For Intersectionality
  347. OII Chinese
  348. OII Japanese
  349. One Future Collective
  350. ONG Diversa Patagonia
  351. Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF)
  352. Organisation Féministe MARIJÀN [OFMA]
  353. Organización de Trabajadoras Sexuales-OTRASEX
  354. Organizado Trans Diversidades (OTD Chile)
  355. Orgullo Ecatepec A C
  356. Our Generation for Inclusive Peace (OGIP)
  357. Outburst Arts
  358. Outright International
  359. Pacific Feminist Fund
  360. Pandeo
  361. PANTAY - Philippine Anti-Discrimination Alliance of Youth Leaders Inc.
  362. Paradigm for Social Justice and Development
  363. People Like Us Support Ourselves (PLUsos)
  364. Perspectiva Queer
  365. Phoenix
  366. Pioneer Filipino Transgender men Movement
  367. Plataforma YoSiTe Creo en Cuba
  368. Political Research Associates
  369. Possibile LGBTI+
  370. Potencia Intersex
  371. Prayatna Nepal
  372. Presentes, periodismo, géneros y derechos humanos
  373. Pride Amsterdam Foundation
  374. Pride At Work
  375. Programme d'Actions pour le Développement au Congo (RDC)
  376. Programme d'Actions pour le Développement au Congo asbl
  377. PROMSEX, Centro de Promocion y Defensa de Los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos
  378. Prospera INWF
  379. PU "Kyrgyz Indigo"
  380. PUENTES
  381. Qorras
  382. queer feminist collective tender na gender
  383. Queer Infrastructure Network
  385. Queereme Mucho
  386. Queretrans
  387. Radio Cósmica Libre
  388. RAÍCES, Análisis de Género para el Desarrollo A.C.
  389. Rainbow Action Against Sexual-Minority Discrimination
  390. Rainbow Africa Initiative Uganda
  391. Rainbow Ignite
  392. Rainbow Nation Brussels
  393. Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice
  394. Rechtskomitee LAMBDA (RKL)
  395. Red Amor Transparente
  396. Red ASALEAS (Mich., México)
  397. Red Comunitaria del Sur
  398. Red de Empoderamiento de Mujeres
  399. Red de Familias Trans
  400. Red de Juventudes Trans Mexico
  401. Red de medicas por el derecho a decidir
  402. Red de Mujeres Latinoamericanas y del Caribe
  403. Red Gay Latino
  404. Red Maricones del Sur
  405. Red Mérida Feminista
  406. Red Salvadoreña de personas con vih
  407. Red Temática de la Diversidad Sexual LGBTIQACDPM+ de Nicaragua
  408. Red Trans Joven - Guatemala
  409. Red Umbrella Fund
  411. Rede Integrada de Inclusão Social e Capacitação LGBTIQAPN Capacitrans
  412. Rede Nacional de Mulheres Negras no Combate à Violência
  413. REDefine Durango
  414. Release
  415. Resistencia LGBTIQA+ de Costa Rica e independiente
  416. Resistencia No Binarix
  417. ReUnidas
  418. Revibra Europe
  419. Revista Volcánicas
  420. Revolución Iridiscente REVI
  421. RFSL-Stockholm
  422. Risco Festival
  423. Rosa Rabiosa
  424. Rozelinks
  425. Ruta Verde, campaña y plataforma por la despenalización legal y social del aborto en Venezuela
  426. Rutgers
  427. Salud y Vida
  428. Samtökin '78
  429. SANNOY
  430. SASOD Guyana
  432. Secular Kenya
  434. Semia Feminist Fund
  435. Seminario Intersex
  436. Sexual Rights Initiative
  437. Shake The Table
  438. SHARE, center for Sexual rigHts And Reproductive justicE
  439. Side B Philippines
  440. sindicato obreros curtidores
  441. Sindicato OTRAS
  442. Sisters of Frida
  443. Social Policy, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Studies Association
  445. Society of Gender Professionals
  446. Society of Queer Momentum
  447. Society of Trans Women of the Philippines (STRAP)
  448. Socoopa-nezo
  449. Solidaridad con Ayotzinapa - Suecia
  450. Solidarité Internationale pour l'Afrique
  451. Sonora Trans
  452. Sonora trans a.c.
  454. South Feminist Futures
  455. Sphere Foundation
  456. SRHR Hubs
  457. Stockholm Pride
  458. Success Capital Organisation
  459. Sukaar Welfare Organization
  460. Surkuna Ecuador
  461. Sweet Endings
  462. Synergía, initiatives for human rights
  463. T*REVERS
  464. Tagoloan Gender Advocacy Group (TAGAD)
  467. Tamùkke Feminist Movement
  468. Tarangini Foundation
  469. TEDIC
  470. The Family
  471. The Institute for Studies of Society, Economy & Environment (iSEE)
  472. The Kvinna till Kvinna foundation
  473. The Lebanese Council to Resist Violence Against Woman
  474. The Netherlands Association for Women's Rights, Female Labour and Equal Citizenship
  475. The Well-being Center (TWEC)
  476. Tiiiit! Inc.
  477. Track-T
  478. Trans Affirmative Action Guild (TAAG)
  479. Trans BCS
  480. Trans boys uruguay-niñez,adolescencia y familia
  481. Trans Formations Project
  482. Trans Iceland
  483. Trans Organización Feminista por los Derechos Humanos de las personas Trans
  484. Trans Safety Network
  485. Trans United Europe/BPOC trans network
  486. Trans Youth Initiative-Uganda
  487. Transcenders
  488. Transcontingenta
  489. TransFormA
  490. Transgender Europe
  491. Transgender Japan
  492. Transgender Netwerk Nederland
  493. TRANSInfancia
  494. trànsit catalonia
  495. Transketeers
  496. TransLucent.Org.UK
  497. Transmasculinidades MX
  498. TRANSSA-Trans Siempre Amigas
  500. Transvanilla Transgender Association
  501. Tranz Network Uganda
  502. UKOO
  503. umbrella association of Swiss rainbow families
  504. UN Etxea - Asociación del País Vasco para la UNESCO
  505. UN Program, Occidental College
  506. Una Mano Amiga en la Lucha Contra el SIDA AC
  507. Unboxd
  508. United Caribbean Transpeeson Network
  509. Université de GENèVE
  510. Urgent Action Fund for Women's Human Rights (UAF)
  511. UTTHAN-(Unprivileged To The Humanitarian Action Need)
  512. Validamos con poder
  513. Vasikana Vedu
  514. Vecinas Feministas por la Justicia Sexual y Reproductiva en América Latina
  515. Visibles Guatemala
  516. VOICE MALE Magazine
  517. Volevento SL
  518. Wagenburg Kanal e.V
  519. WELL KARE
  521. What Really Makes Us Safe? Project
  522. WHRDMENA Coalition ( Regional Coalition of women human rights defenders in the middle east and north africa)
  523. WIDE+ (Women In Development Europe+)
  524. Widow Womens Welfare Trust
  525. WO=MEN Dutch Gender Platform
  527. Women and Modern World Social Charitablle Center
  528. Women Collective Kenya
  529. Women Deliver
  530. Women Empowered
  531. Women Empowerment Against Poverty of Nepal (WEAPoN)
  532. Women Enabled International
  533. Women First International Fund
  534. Women forum for Women in Nepal (WOFOWON)
  535. Women Human Rights Defenders International Coalition
  536. Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing
  537. Women with a Vision,Inc
  538. Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR)
  539. Women's Health and Equal Rights Initiative (WHER)
  540. Women's International League for Peace and Freedom UK
  541. Women's Refugee Commission
  542. Women’s Equality Center (WEC)
  543. Women’s Health and Reproductive Rights Organization
  544. Y+ Global
  545. Yorkshire MESMAC
  546. Young Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans Intersex Youth Studies and Solidarity Association (Young LGBTI+)
  547. Young Queer Alliance
  548. YUWA
  549. Zines por Morrxs
  550. Zurich Pride Festival

Individuals who signed up

  1. Aaron Vargas Guevara
  2. Abiola
  3. Abrahão Leandro De Lima Paulino
  4. Abrahão Pedro De Lima Júnior
  5. Abril Castro Prieto
  6. Adeline Berry
  7. Adna Kalajdzisalihovic Vuga
  8. Adri Percastegui
  9. Adrian Andres Ordaz López
  10. Adrian Retana
  11. Adriana Edith Sánchez Cuatianquiz
  12. Adriana Rodrigues Martins
  13. Adrien Perez
  14. Åge Markus Schultz
  15. Aimè Graves
  16. Ainara Ruiz Benito
  17. Alanna Rondi
  18. Alberto García Navarro
  19. Alec Baker
  20. Alejandra Sardá-Chandiramani
  21. Alessandra Hereman
  22. Alessandra Kemp
  23. Aletze Estrada
  24. Alex Beigelbeck
  25. Alex Cheung
  26. Alex Griffin
  27. Alex Orué
  28. Alexander Granados
  29. Alexandra Demetrianová
  30. Alexandra Lily Kather
  31. Alexandra Maduagwu
  32. Alexandra Oliveira
  33. Alexandra Vega-Rivera
  34. Alexandra-Anathema George Dyce
  35. Alice Hoffmann
  36. Alice Ridge
  37. Alice Segeling
  38. Alicia nieto
  39. Aline Baudet
  40. Aline Fantinatti
  41. Alison Brown
  42. Alison Phipps
  43. Alisson Carvalho da Silva
  44. Alizia Izal Elorz
  45. Altagracia Balcacer
  46. Aluminé Moreno
  47. Alva Sandoval Cazares
  48. Álvaro Navarro Alonso
  49. Alyn García
  50. Amaia Elena Barrena Arana
  51. Amaru Padilla
  52. Aminata SANOU
  53. Ana Alejandra Duque Mata
  54. Ana Alicia Almazán
  55. Ana Gabriela González Castillo
  56. Ana Horno
  57. Ana Isabel Pastor Gonzalez
  58. Ana Sofía Huerta Rivera
  60. Ana Violeta Cervantes Nuño
  61. Anabel
  62. Anastasia Stella Mezecka
  63. Anayansi Arias Iriarte
  64. Andere Larrinaga Cuadra
  65. André du Plessis
  66. Andrea Ariza Ruiz
  67. Andrea Ayala
  68. Andrea Baldwin
  69. Andrea Huesca
  70. Andrea Maynard
  71. Andrea Rosales
  72. Andrea Sánchez
  73. Andrej Beder
  74. Andrew Grose
  75. Andrew Middleton
  76. Andrew Sullivan
  77. Anette María Jiménez Arguedas
  78. Angela Genusa
  79. Angela Kintominas
  80. Angélica Nadurille Álvarez
  81. Angélica Nadurille Álvarez
  82. Anjeelee Kaur Beegun
  83. Ann Louise Deslandes
  84. Anna Thau
  85. Aref Azrael
  86. Aref Santos Barrita
  87. Ariana Barrantes
  88. Ariana González
  89. Aritz de la Presa Unanue
  90. Arsiné Kailian
  91. Åsa Ekvall
  92. Ashlee Burnett
  93. Asier Mariezkurrena Ramada
  94. Asier Mayo Fernández
  95. Astra M.
  96. Atuhaire Annah
  97. Averie Watson
  98. Axel Daniel Galarza
  99. Ayşe Gül Altınay
  100. Barbara Schulman
  101. Bauke Conijn
  102. Beatriz Quesadas
  103. Beatriz L. Roldán
  104. Beryl Apiyo
  105. Bethany Gum
  106. Bette Levy
  107. Bettina Mayer
  108. Bhavneet Singh Randev
  109. Bia Fernández Serrato
  110. Bianca Paulino da Silva
  111. Bila Sorj
  112. Biljana Ginova
  113. Bitty Minnis-Lemley
  114. Blanca Rico
  115. Bo Standaert
  116. Bonnie Calderwood Aspinwall
  117. Braylin Peraza Alfaro
  118. Brenda Sandoval Bahena
  119. Brooke Bauer
  120. Bruno Laprade
  121. Busi Ncube
  122. Caio Vinicius De Lima Florentino
  123. Caitlin Biddolph
  124. Camila Polo Serpeloni
  125. Carlos Borráez
  126. Carlos Escobar Parra
  127. Carol Strong
  128. Carole Chabries
  129. Carole Jones
  130. Carolina Ramírez Berrocal
  131. Cassie Lawrence
  132. Castillo Navarro
  133. Cecilia Garibi González
  134. Celeste Trianon
  135. Chandreyi
  136. Che Bishop
  137. Cheryl Skibicki
  138. Chimdimma Ike
  139. Chloé Constant
  140. Chloe Stanton
  141. Christian López
  142. Christina Zampas
  143. christine chevalier
  144. Christopher Rufo
  145. Christopher Wleh Toe II
  146. Christy-Lynne Lapine
  147. Chryssy Hunter
  148. Ciara MacMullan
  149. Claudia Guerrero
  150. Claudia Herrera Beltran
  151. Claudia Isabel Barrón Martínez
  152. Claudia Viñals Hurtado
  153. Clayton Mercieca
  154. Clément McGeown
  155. Cliantha D
  156. Coco Jervis
  157. Constanza Pauchulo
  158. Cristina Baldovi Rodriguez
  159. Cristina de Nicolás Izquierdo
  160. Cristina Palabay
  161. Cristina Rodríguez Rosellón
  162. Curro Peña Díaz
  163. Cyril Hamel
  164. Danaé van der Straten Ponthoz
  165. Dani Damián
  166. Dani Garcia
  167. Dani Pine
  168. Daniel Javoran
  169. Daniel Joloy
  170. Daniel Ramos dos Santos
  171. Daniel Villatoro
  172. Daniela Francisca Díaz Echeverría
  173. Daniela Philipson Garcia
  174. Daniella Solano
  175. Danielle Cornosh-Spencer
  176. Danielle Hensley
  177. Danielle Roubin
  178. Danne Aro Belmont
  179. Daren Paul Katigbak
  180. David Allsopp
  181. David Musasia
  182. Débora Vieira de Lima Paulino
  183. Denise Arroniz Vergara
  184. Denise Breen
  185. Dennis van Wanrooij
  186. Densy Jimenez
  187. Devan Zingler
  188. Dhivya
  189. Dian Romero
  190. Diana Ortiz Arbiol
  191. Diana Silva
  192. Dikshya Khadgi
  193. Dominic Kraemer
  194. Donna McSkimming
  195. Dr Alex Powell
  196. Dr Amy Roberts
  197. Dr Ben Collier
  198. Dr Claerwen O'Hara
  199. Dr Emily Jones
  200. Dr Merlin Seller
  201. Dr Mike Hill
  202. Dr Natacha Kennedy
  203. Dr Nerea Okong'o
  204. Dr Robert Court
  205. Dr Samer Anabtawi
  206. Dr Shweta Singh
  207. Dr Tamsin Phillipa Paige
  208. Dr. Andrew Thomas Cicchetti
  209. Dr. Biljana Kotevska
  210. Dr. Gina Gwenffrewi
  211. Dr. Heather Tucker
  212. Dr. Jens Theilen
  213. Dra. Elizabeth Crespo Kebler
  214. Dulce Alvarez
  215. Dumiso Gatsha
  216. E. Massi Caro
  217. Ector
  218. Eduardo Paz
  219. Ekain de la Presa Rodríguez
  220. Eleanor Lisney
  221. Elena Cal Atán
  222. Elena Camon Fdez de Ávila
  224. Eléonore Lépinard
  225. Elián Michaus
  226. Elías Navarro Hernández
  227. Elias Tissandier-Nasom
  228. Elina Castillo Jiménez
  229. Elisabeth de Souza Lobo
  230. Elisabeth Hallauer
  231. Elisabeth Plant
  232. Eliza Walsh
  233. Elizabeth Mason Brown
  234. Elleanor W
  235. Eluney Rojas
  236. Emerson Maione
  237. Emily Ebdon
  238. Emma Callaghan
  239. Emma González
  240. Emma Martín Díaz
  241. Emma Preston-Dunlop
  242. Emmelie van der Pol
  243. Enrique López de la Peña
  244. Estefanía
  245. Estefanía Acién González
  246. Esthappen S
  247. Eva de Melo Ferreira
  248. Eva Li
  249. Evelin Aelin Ramos Hernandez
  250. Eveline Skinner
  251. Fabian Algarte da Silv
  252. Fabian Ivan Gutierrez De Leon
  253. Fabiane Kravutschke Bogdanovicz
  254. Fabio Verani
  255. Fabiola Luna
  256. Farzana Doctor
  257. Fenya Fischler
  258. Fernanda Veloso Saraiva
  259. Fernando Altamira
  260. Finn Cook
  261. Fiona Pettit O'Leary
  262. Flora Bolter
  263. Florencia Escobedo
  264. Florencia Paltrinieri
  265. Florian Vanlee
  266. Francesca Pierigh
  267. Francia Alejandra Lugo Vega
  268. Francis Stanganelli
  269. Francisca frisone
  270. Francisco Madrigal Ballestero
  271. Francisco Miguel Hermida Flores
  272. Francisco Tonatiuh Tufiño González
  273. Françoise Moudouthe
  274. Freya Onions
  275. Friederike Strub
  276. Gabriel Schirvar
  277. Gabriela Alexandra Godínez Rodríguez
  278. Gemini Matulac
  279. Geo González
  281. Georgina González Muñoz
  282. Georgy Zhukov
  283. Geovane Paulino da Silva
  284. Geovanny Lucas De Lima Paulino
  285. Geras Contreras
  286. Gi Rojas González
  287. Gilda Beatriz Rojas Fierros
  288. Gillian Calder
  289. Gina Chacón
  290. Gina Lamparella
  291. Gladys Acosta Vargas
  292. Gloria Careaga
  293. Grant Shubin
  294. Greis Cárdenas
  295. Griselda Gutiérrez Castañeda
  296. Hae Ju Kang
  297. Hakima Abbas
  298. Hamida Giyasbayli
  299. Han Hernández Saucedo
  300. Hanna Gunnarsson
  301. Hannah Boast
  302. Hannah Calleja
  303. Hans Eduardo Malpica Herrera
  304. Happy Mwende Kinyili
  305. Hashem Hashem
  306. Heather Hewett
  307. Heather Paterson
  308. Heddy Villaseñor
  309. Heike Wach
  310. Heine Paus
  311. Helen Bolton
  312. Hellène ALIGANT
  313. Helmut Graupner
  314. Henrietta Bird
  315. Henry Salas
  316. Heron Greenesmith
  317. Hiromi Fujii
  318. Hirwa Carter Honoree Wolf
  319. Holly M Parsons
  320. Houry Geudelekian
  321. Huynh Nguyen Anh Mai (Mai Huynh)
  322. Îagûara Flor Faria da Costa
  323. Ian Dunn
  324. Ibone Ametzaga
  325. Ilaria Michelis
  326. Ilef Kassab
  328. Imanol Carballo Tolarechipi
  329. Iñaki Amiama Necochea
  330. Inés Pujol
  331. Ingabire Assoumpta
  332. Ingwar Eklund
  333. Iniyan IJ Shivaneri
  334. Inmaculada Ripa Ciaurriz
  335. Io Carpiso
  336. Iosu Amiama Necochea
  337. Irene Igboko
  338. Isabel Harrison
  339. Isabela Almeida De Lima
  340. Isamar Zúñiga
  341. Isgandar Shahmammadov
  342. Ishan Cordeiro
  343. Ismael Fernández
  344. Ita Fatia Nadia
  345. Ivan Golovin
  346. Iván Jesús Garde Fernández
  347. Iván Martínez
  348. Ivan Nunez Gamez
  349. Jack Sergeant
  350. Jack Torbet
  351. Jackline Atim
  352. Jacqueline Chanel
  353. Jacqueline Langenbahn
  354. Jaela Schell
  355. Jaime Guerrero Vázquez
  356. Jaime M. Gher, JD, LL.M
  357. James O'Bannon
  358. Jan Lopez
  359. Jane Podell
  360. Jane Schuberth
  361. Janet Price
  362. Janis Reimringer
  363. Janyck Beaulieu
  364. Jasmina Wesolowski
  365. Javi Carrillo
  366. Jennifer Evans
  367. Jeremy Pine
  368. Jessica Estrada de la Rosa
  369. Jessica Sabina González
  370. Jessica Wood
  371. Jessie Kabwila (Dr).
  372. Jillian Gabrielle André Pereira
  373. Jim Jormanainen
  374. Jimena Barrera
  375. Jimmy Merino Ruíz
  376. Jo H
  377. Joan Appleton
  378. Joan O’Boyle
  379. Joanna Seth-Smith
  380. Joanne Ahola MD
  381. Joanne Stagg
  382. João Paulo De Lima Galindo
  383. Joel Murray
  384. Jojo
  385. Joni Hellstrom
  386. Jorge Bernal
  387. Jorge Estrada Hernandez
  388. Jose Manuel Ramos
  389. Josephine Mugishagwe
  390. Josseline Mendoza Aguilar
  391. Joy Twemlow
  392. Juan Carlos Senar
  393. Juan Fernández Ochoa
  394. Juan Manuel
  395. Juana María Mendiondo Eraso
  396. Judah Bouguila
  397. Jude Stockwell
  398. Juli Suescun-Gomez
  399. Julia Escalante De Haro
  400. Julia Shacklock
  401. Juliana Santos de Carvalho
  402. Julianna Neuhouser
  403. Julien Barinzigo
  404. Juliet Flam-Ross
  405. Juliette Duffey
  406. Julio Álvarez
  407. Juno Xerkado
  408. K Kanyali Mwikya
  409. Kaiet Arrizabalaga Van Remoortere
  410. Kaitlyn Gilham
  411. Kalyan Alejandro Reyes de Anda
  412. Kamilla Kamaruddin
  413. Kaoru Sasaki
  414. Karen Hammink
  415. Karina Barriga
  416. Karina Guardia
  417. Karina Trujillo
  418. Karine Lepillez
  419. Karine Lepillez
  420. Karma THinley Thome
  421. Karol Moreno
  422. Kat Deuchars
  423. Kate Anderson
  424. Kate Donald
  425. Kate Sheill
  426. Kathryn Wilson
  427. Katia Galambos
  428. Katia Urteaga Villanueva
  429. Katlego Kolanyane-Kesupile
  430. Katrina Mayer
  431. Kay Kawabata
  432. Kay Willis
  433. Kaylan Moon Gray Torres
  434. Kayne Kell de oliveira dias
  435. Kei Valmoria Bughaw
  436. Kellyn Botha
  437. Kelsey Hatchitt
  438. Kendra Hughbanks
  439. Kenlly Pacheco
  440. Khudejha Asghar
  441. kim miller
  442. Kimberly Lopez
  444. Kristen Trader
  445. Kristine Epp
  446. Kseniya Kirichenko
  447. Kudzai Rukainga
  448. Kyn Mallorca
  449. Larissa Arroyo Navarrete
  450. Larissa Gonçalves de Oliveira Lima
  451. Lars Meijer
  452. Laura Briggs
  453. Laura Neidhart
  454. Laura Oviedo
  455. Laura Saldivia
  456. Laura-Jane Maher
  457. Lauren Simpson
  458. Laurent Ángel García
  459. Leah Muñoz
  460. Leila Barsted
  461. Leila Billing
  462. Lena Lavinas
  463. Leonam Lucas Nogueira Cunha
  464. Leonardo Tomas Ruiz
  465. Leonor Rebassa
  466. Lesly Lizbeth Jiménez Flores
  467. Leti Uchiha
  468. Leticia Pedrajo
  469. Leticia Vázquez
  470. Lex Grolimund
  471. Lexie Gonzalez Rangel
  472. Liesl Theron
  473. Liesl Theron
  474. Lila Milikj
  475. Liliana Mendez
  476. Lily Nellans
  477. Lina Abou-Habib
  478. Lina Tatiana Lozano Ruiz
  479. Linzi Amabile
  480. Lisa Rivera
  481. Liselot Casteleyn
  482. Liz Gill-Atkinson
  483. Lorissa Sengara
  484. Louise Arimatsu
  485. Louise Lever
  486. Louise Stretch
  487. Loveday Hodson
  488. Lovemore Mupanta
  489. Luana Du
  490. Lucas Bulgarelli
  491. Lucas Heng Lung
  492. Lucas Lixinski
  493. Luciana Ramos Lira
  494. Luciene Angélica Mendes
  495. Lucilane Silva De Araújo
  496. Lucilene Morandi
  497. Luis Ángel Bermudez
  498. Luis Fernando Jarillo González
  499. Luis Grande
  500. Luisa Cano
  501. Luíza Drummond Veado
  502. Luke Le Moignan
  503. Luna Elena Garcia Tapia
  504. Luz de Lourdes Ortiz Quintana
  505. lynne segal
  506. M José García
  507. M. Estela de la Rosa Vecino
  508. Madeleine Wattenbarger
  509. Madhumita Das
  510. Madhura Chakraborty
  511. Magda Zenon
  512. Magdalena Castañeda
  513. Maikol Hernandez Arronis
  514. Maire Stafford
  515. Maksims Galkins
  516. Manine Arends
  517. Manith Chhoeng
  518. Manuel Alexandro Martínez Pérez
  519. Manuelita Sáenz
  520. Mar De Mil Amores
  521. Marcela Ramón Sala
  522. Marcelo Ernesto Ferreyra
  523. Marcielle Oda
  524. Marcos oliveira
  525. Marcos Venster
  526. Marga Alvarez
  527. Margaret "Peggy" Lambert
  528. Mari Carmen Ezeiza Artola
  529. Mari-Claire Price
  530. María Ángela Sotelo
  531. María Asunción Fernández Satrustegui
  532. Maria Betânia Vieira De Lima
  533. Maria Clara De Lima Paulino
  534. Maria Delva Vieira De Lima
  535. Maria Elander
  536. María Elena Rojas
  537. Maria Federica Moscati
  538. Maria Fontenelle
  539. Maria Gorete De Lima Galindo
  540. Maria Jose Amador
  541. María Josefina Fernández Satrustegui
  542. Maria Luisa Montero de la Cruz
  543. Maria Paula Russo Riva
  544. María Teresa Torrez
  545. Maria Yafté García Romero
  546. Mariah Rafaela Silva
  547. Marianne Mollmann
  548. Marie Irish INOCETO
  549. Marie-Danielle Larocque
  550. Mariela Castro Flores
  551. Marijke Naezer
  552. Marilú Ayala Flores
  553. Marina Cápua Nunes
  554. Marina Cognée
  555. Marina Cypriano
  556. Mario Alberto Moreira Aguilar
  557. Marion Wasserbauer
  558. Marjan Wijers
  559. Marjorie Majorenos
  560. Marta María Ramírez
  561. Marta Pampìn Rodríguez
  562. Martha Lucía Domínguez Cruz
  563. Mary Beth Hastings
  564. Mary Shanthi Dairiam
  565. Maryse Helbert
  566. Mathew Arredondo
  567. Matt Miller
  568. Matthew Mesley
  569. Matthew Waites
  570. Mauro Cabral Grinspan
  571. May Poirier
  572. Mayra Alba
  573. Meche foxx
  574. Melanie Smart
  575. Melina Rabelo Aguilar
  576. Melissa Magalhaes
  577. Melissa Werner
  578. Meribeth Ramírez Hernández
  579. Michaella Gyatsen
  580. Michela Accerenzi
  581. Michele Krech
  582. Michele Rule
  583. Michelle Cervantes
  584. Michelle Dcruz
  585. Michelle Gallo
  586. Mieke Verloo
  587. Miguel Ángel Mayo Conget
  588. Milena Pafundi
  589. Miriam Gaida
  590. Miriam Hirschfeld
  591. Mishe Koleva
  592. Mitzi Castellanos
  593. Monica Costa Riba
  594. Mónica Fallas
  595. Monica Gonzalez
  596. Mónica Meltis Véjar
  597. Monize Teixeira
  598. Morena Herrera
  599. Ms E LeBreton
  600. Muthoni Muriithi
  601. Myra Kovary
  602. Na Young
  603. Nadia Ahidjo
  605. Nandita Shivakumar
  606. Naomi H
  607. Naoya Nishimura
  608. Natacha Kennedy
  609. Natalia Daza Niño
  610. Natalia Lane
  611. Natalie Chodoriwsky
  612. Natalie Jovanic
  613. Nathan Madson
  614. Natia Gvianishvili
  615. Nawmi Naz Chowdhury
  616. Nayuribe Villalobos Rojas
  617. Ndey Jeng
  618. Nelly Cesar Marin
  619. Nica Dumlao
  620. Nick Dyson
  621. Nick Leddy
  622. Nicky van de Laar
  623. Nicole Huete Guevara
  624. Nikita Simonne Dupuis-Vargas Latorre
  625. Nikki Godden-Rasul
  626. Nina Niiranen
  627. Ninde MolRe
  628. Noah Adams
  629. Nuno Ferreira
  630. Odette Mazel
  631. Ogechi Achuko
  632. Olga Ayuso
  633. Olga Parrondo Ruiz
  634. Oliver Duarte Herrera
  635. Olivia Burton
  636. Ophelia Kemigisha
  637. Oriana López Uribe
  638. Orlaith O'Connor
  639. Orlis López Cota
  640. Óscar Amiama Necochea
  641. Oscar Philippe
  642. Ozana Takano
  643. Pablo Martinez
  644. Paola Vilchis
  645. Patria Jiménez Flores
  646. Patricia Pérez Belmont
  647. Patricia Schulz
  648. Patricio Santillan-Doherty
  649. Patrick Kazyak-Albaladejo Muñiz
  650. Paula Bonfatti de Lima
  651. Paula Lindo
  652. Paule de la Presa Rodríguez
  653. Paulina Covarrubias
  654. Paulina Moreno
  655. Paz Romero
  656. Pedro Ivo Machado de Oliveira
  657. Penny Miles
  658. Pere DeRoy
  659. Perla Guarneros
  660. Peta Barrett
  661. Petra Rosellón Rodríguez
  662. Peyton Rem
  663. Philippa Parmar
  664. Phillip Ayoub
  665. Phumzile Mtetwa
  666. Pia Vasquez Cepeda
  667. Po-Han Lee
  668. Poppy Stanbury
  669. Pranika Koyu
  670. Priya Dhanani
  671. Priyanthi Fernando
  672. Professor Alex Sharpe
  673. Professor Dianne Otto
  674. Professor Sharon Cowan
  675. Psyche Gonzales
  676. Quinn Anderson
  677. Quinnehtukqut McLamore
  678. Quirine Lengkeek
  679. Rachael Warne
  680. Rachel Hart
  681. Rachel Matheson
  682. Rafael Carrano Lelis
  683. Raffaela Schiavon
  684. Ramona Martina
  685. Raquel Ropero
  686. Raquel Vázquez Rivera
  687. Raúl Albores
  688. Raúl Cervera
  689. Raúl Martínez Rojas
  690. Raymundo Canales de la Fuente
  691. Rebeca Aparicio Chico
  692. Rebecca Alice Hills
  693. Rebecca Dominguez
  694. Rebecca Pillinger
  695. Regina Célie Vieira De Lima
  696. Renata Maria Simões Cavalcanti
  697. Reneé de los Santos
  698. Renée Hunter
  699. Renée Waters
  700. Rex Brynen
  701. Ria Patel
  702. Riley Aedo
  703. Rita Silvestre
  704. Rob Goetze
  705. Roberta Cortes Ruiz
  706. Romana Gulasova
  707. Romily Perry
  708. Ron DeSantis
  709. Rosalinda Avila
  710. Roxanna M. Carrillo
  711. Rukshana Kapali
  712. Ryoko Umemoto
  713. Sai Sam Kham
  714. Saida García Casuso
  715. Saira Ortega
  716. Salaheddine majjati
  717. Sally Goldner
  718. Salvina Zen
  719. Sam Chappell
  720. Sami Miguelez
  721. samitha sugathimala
  722. Samuel Chávez Soto
  723. San Lee
  724. Sandra Macedo
  725. Sandra Ramírez
  726. Sandra Unbehaum
  727. Sandrine MUIR-BOUCHARD
  728. Sandy Sullivan
  729. Sangita Khadka
  730. Sanne Weber
  731. Sara Moralo Bermejo
  732. Sara Phillips
  733. Sarah Gunther
  734. Sarah Hewitt
  735. Sarah Martin
  736. Sasha Kuczynski
  737. Saskia Basa
  738. Saumya vats
  739. Saya Barnett
  740. Sazki Murakami
  741. Scott Farlow
  742. Scout Burghardt
  743. Sébastien Chauvin
  744. Sebastijan Gec
  745. Sehnaz Kiymaz Bahceci
  746. Senne Misplon
  747. Senthorun Raj
  748. Sergii Arias Arjona
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  756. Shelley Berry
  757. Shenard Mazengera
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  841. Zackary Derrick
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  843. Zorana Antonijevic
  844. Zuziwe Khuzwayo

1Particularly the Special Rapporteur’s letter addressed to the Scottish Parliament dated 23rd of November 2022. (From hereon referred to as Nov 2022 letter). Through her personal social media account and published articles, the Special Rapporteur has amplified arguments that perpetuate anti-trans narratives.
2In the Special Rapporteur’s article, Repression of women is blocking the SDGs, April 2023, she describes extensions of discrimination to encompass gender as a “regression.”
3In the CEDAW Day of General Discussion on women’s participation on 22 February 2022 the Special Rapporteur encouraged the CEDAW Committee to look at “the characteristics of sex and sex-based rights” in politics, sports and other areas. A similar statement was made by the Special Rapporteur during an EDVAW Platform briefing about “the relationship between VAW and discrimination based on sex and sex characteristics, since discrimination based on sex is outlawed in all major treaties but is becoming deprioritized.”
4UN Human Rights Council Resolution A/HRC/RES/50/18 pp6, “Underscoring the fact that international human rights law prohibits discrimination, inter alia on the basis of gender, and that national legislation, policies and practices should comply with States’ international obligations,"
5Report of the Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, Victor Madrigal-Borloz  A/HRC/47/27
Para 13 "Analysis of the sources of international human rights law reveals a robust corpus iuris in which gender is the term used to describe the sociocultural constructs that assign roles, behaviours, forms of expression, activities and attributes according to the meaning given to biological sex characteristics... Under this definition, gender and sex do not substitute each other, and gender identity and gender expression are inextricably linked to them as practices of concern in anti-discrimination analysis. "
6See Report of the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions on a gender-sensitive approach to arbitrary killings, Agnès Callamard, para. 16, A/HRC/35/23, June 2017, as referenced in Comments to the Draft Crimes Against Humanity Convention in November 2018
7Nov 2022 Letter to the Scottish Parliament, pg. 6, para.27
8In the Nov 2022 Letter to the Scottish Parliament, the Special Rapporteur claims to take into consideration discrimination against women “in all their diversity” and the “risk of intersecting forms of discrimination.’ She proceeds to conclude that in removing barriers to legal gender recognition, the Scottish parliament fails to take into consider ‘women in all their diversity.’ This misrepresents the feminist concept of intersectionality. For a comprehensive view of the definition of intersectionality and its operationalization in the human rights framework, please refer to Sexual Rights Initiative’s Advancing Rights for All, May 2016
9See for instance the Special Rapporteur’s claim to the Scottish Parliament that “many of the issues that I mentioned [in my letter] echo points made by feminist organizations and victims.”
10On 30 November 2022, a coalition of feminists and LGBTIQ+ organizations submitted a private letter to the Special Rapporteur raising concerns over the Special Rapporteur's letter addressed to the Scottish Parliament. You will find the letter here.
11Nov 2022 Letter to the Scottish Parliament, pg 3 para 13 and 14. is framed to suggest that access to self identification requires safeguarding “because majority of sex offenders are male.” It also suggests that ‘women at risk of male violence’ are categorically excludes violence faced by trans women. This is a misrepresentation of the dynamics of gender-based violence.  Further, referring to so-called “predators” and “violent males” when discussing the GRR reduces individual person’s identification legitimizes dangerous anti-trans narratives that fuel the targeted violence and discrimination against trans people.
12About the Mandate
13Nov 2022 Letter to the Scottish Parliament, para. 8
14Nov 2022 Letter to the Scottish Parliament, para.5
15Rape Crisis Scotland statement on the open letter to Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women and Girls, November 2022
16On her social media account, on April 2023 the Special Rapporteur has claimed to “..stand in solidarity with lesbian women and girls everywhere- working tirelessly for a life free from violence; a life where they can to enjoy single sex social spaces..”
17Poland: A Year On, Abortion Ruling Harms Women, Oct 2021, Human Rights Watch
18OHCHR, USA: UN experts denounce Supreme Court decision to strike down Roe v. Wade, urge action to mitigate consequences, June 2022
19Full Interview: Frank Mugisha on New Anti-LGBTQ Bill in Uganda That Could Impose Death Penalty, Apr 2023, DemocracyNow
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23OURs Trends Report 2021 Rights at Risk: time for action pg. 31
24OURs Trends Report 2021 Rights at Risk: time for action and OURs brief Gender ideology narratives: a threat to human rights 2022
25The previous mandate holders Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women and Girls, its Causes and Consequences have reinforced an intersectional feminist understanding in addressing violence against women (Manjoo, A/HRC/17/26, submitted communications and allegation letters to states on allegations of police abuse against trans women in Nepal ( Erturk, A/HRC/4/34/Add.1, emphasized an affirmative approach to sexual rights and women’s sexuality, away from a protectionist framework (Erturk, 15 Years of the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women (1994-2009)—A Critical Review and emphasized a victim centered approach to trafficking and challenges criminalization of sex work (Coomaraswamy, in her interview with IWRAW Asia Pacific, Disadvantaged, ignored, and disrespected”: A feminist analysis of CEDAW General Recommendation 38 – Part 1