Priority Areas

Supporting feminist, women’s rights and gender justice movements to thrive, to be a driving force in challenging systems of oppression, and to co-create feminist realities.

Co-Creating Feminist Realities

While we dream of a feminist world, there are those who are already building and living it. These are our Feminist Realities!

What are Feminist Realities?

Feminist Realities are the living, breathing examples of the just world we are co-creating. They exist now, in the many ways we live, struggle and build our lives.

Feminist Realities go beyond resisting oppressive systems to show us what a world without domination, exploitation and supremacy look like.

These are the narratives we want to unearth, share and amplify throughout this Feminist Realities journey.

Transforming Visions into Lived Experiences

Through this initiative, we:

  • Create and amplify alternatives: We co-create art and creative expressions that center and celebrate the hope, optimism, healing and radical imagination that feminist realities inspire.

  • Build knowledge: We document, demonstrate & disseminate methodologies that will help identify the feminist realities in our diverse communities.

  • Advance feminist agendas: We expand and deepen our collective thinking and organizing to advance just solutions and systems that embody feminist values and visions.

  • Mobilize solidarity actions: We engage feminist, women’s rights and gender justice movements and allies in sharing, exchanging and jointly creating feminist realities, narratives and proposals at the 14th AWID International Forum.

The AWID International Forum

As much as we emphasize the process leading up to, and beyond, the four-day Forum, the event itself is an important part of where the magic happens, thanks to the unique energy and opportunity that comes with bringing people together.

We expect the next Forum to:

  • Build the power of Feminist Realities, by naming, celebrating, amplifying and contributing to build momentum around experiences and propositions that shine light on what is possible and feed our collective imaginations

  • Replenish wells of hope and energy as much needed fuel for rights and justice activism and resilience

  • Strengthen connectivity, reciprocity and solidarity across the diversity of feminist movements and with other rights and justice-oriented movements

Learn more about the Forum process

We are sorry to announce that the 14th AWID International Forum is cancelled

Given the current world situation, our Board of Directors has taken the difficult decision to cancel Forum scheduled in 2021 in Taipei. 

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Beijing Unfettered: the Power of Young Feminist Movements

In partnership with young feminist activists and youth-led organizations, AWID co-organized Beijing Unfettered in parallel to and independently from Beijing+25. 

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Snippet "un"Inclusive Feminism_Fest (EN)

"un"Inclusive Feminism:
The voiceless girls in the Haitian feminist movement

Naike Ledan
Semi Kaefra Alisha Fermond, Trans Rights Activist ACIFVH
Natalie Desrosiers
Fédorah Pierre-Louis

watch panel


Snippet Love Letters from our Co-EDs and the Board (EN)

Love Letters from our Board and the Co-EDs


What are they working on?

Illustration of a hand with a pencil writing on white paper

Human and ethnic-territorial rights

Ensuring the defense of human rights and Nature’s rights through alliance-building with local, national, regional and global actors and organizations.

A person holding a plant in a pink pot in their hands

Sustainable development

Ensuring all economic, cultural and environmental activities contribute to sustainable development, food security and income generation, while respecting the self-determination and self-government of Afro-descendant communities.

Three women sitting next to each other

Education and training

Carrying out training for women and empowering them to carry out women’s rights advocacy in different political, social and economic spaces.

For more information, see here!

Snippets FEA EoS The Cover (EN)

Illustration of a pink house with a yellow background

The Cover
Care and healing environment

Snippet FEA Objectives NSS - Traditional Knowledge (EN)


Brown hands with yellow seeds in the palms
To use and promote traditional knowledge and practices transmitted from generation to generation, which supports food sovereignty and the preservation of peasant seed.

Snippet FEA Life expectancy of a trans and travesti (EN)

This illustration depicts a faceless person with long dark hair and a burgundy shirt, with the number 37 written across the image (37 being the life expectancy of a trans and travesti person in Argentina)

Life expectancy of a trans and travesti person in Argentina is 37 years old - the average age for the general population is 77.

Annual Report 2010

AWID 2010 Annual Report Cover

Our 2010 Annual Report highlights the major accomplishments of each of our strategic initiatives during the year.

Along with activity highlights, we include a brief analysis of the impact of our initiatives as well as reflections from our members and partners that further illustrate the relevance of AWID’s work and its connection to broader women’s rights movements. 

This interactive document is complete with links to our websites and recent publications with in-depth information on the issues we address in the report.

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