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Join the Feminist Realities journey

Welcome on a journey of interactive online and face to face activities to continue exploring together feminist realities.

This Feminist Realities journey will have several stops along the way; one of them being the AWID Forum, and it will not be the only one! So read on to find out how we are going to walk this path together.

Let’s explore together our power in action!

Feminist​ ​movements​ ​have​ ​long​ ​led​ ​the​ ​way​ ​in​ ​forging​​ ​propositions​ for a just world. These propositions, these Feminist Realities are not only possible: they exist now. 

We understand feminist realities both as current, existing practices that people and groups are forging as well as the ideas, ways of thinking and doing, the ‘proposals to become practice’ that are in the works. These feminist realities go beyond resisting oppressive systems to show us what a world without domination, exploitation and supremacy looks like. Feminist Realities are our power in action.  

There are many examples of Feminist Realities:

  • In India, 5,000 women have come together to develop community-based food sovereignty systems based on local knowledge, including grain and seed banks.
  • In Mexico, women have created a moneyless economy project, El Cambalache, where everything has the same value: people exchange things they no longer need for things they want as well as knowledge, abilities and mutual aid that people would like to share.
  • The African Feminist Judgment Project drafts and disseminates alternative judgments for landmark cases, through a propositional feminist judicial practice and alternative feminist judgments that contribute to African jurisprudence, legal practice and judicial decision-making.

From Feminist Futures to Feminist Realities

Our Feminist Realities Journey was sparked in 2016 at the 13th AWID International Forum where we said writing our Feminist Futures requires a transformation not only within the existing systems of oppression and exclusion but within our movements too. We said that in order to be catalysts of hope, we need to embody that transformation as well.

Then in 2017 the journey took shape, discussing the concept of Feminist Realities through workshops in Lebanon, Nepal, New Zeland, Fiji, Sri Lanka. This participatory process helped develop the concept. In May 2019 we published the Feminist Realities Toolkit, providing an overview of the framework as well as a step-by-step guide to spark different, creative conversations.

AWID Forum 2020, illustration by Lulu - call to action (1024x512)

Now, we want to invite you to join us in this journey: the Feminist Realities journey. 

With a series of interactive online and face to face activities, we will continue exploring together feminist realities. Let’s make visible feminisms in practice, let’s inspire exchange and joint action.

This journey will have several stops along the way; one of the activities will be the AWID Forum, but it will not be the only one, because we want to focus on the journey, providing many spaces to come together, online and off-line, for sharing, discussing, strategizing and creating feminist realities. Along the way we might realize that many of the alternatives we have been looking for already exist, in those experiences which have managed to challenge and break away from the status quo.

The date and location of the 14th AWID International Forum will be announced soon. Stay tuned!

Join us in the journey! 

We are preparing several stops for you to come along in this Feminist Realities journey.

Mark your calendars for the following online interactive events:

  • October 2019: online workshop of the Feminist Realities Toolkit

  • November 2019:  open call for young feminists from the European Region to engage in the Beijing+25

  • November 2019: online film screening followed by a discussion - "Naila and the Uprising" a powerful journey looking at women's organizing in the first Intifada

  • December 2019: interactive presentation on Autonomous Resourcing

  • and more!

Watch the recording of our first stop, a conversation with AWID staff about "The Feminist Realities journey", held on September 5, 2019.

Take the lead!

Let us know about your Feminist Realities: the projects or experiences where you have seen feminism become a reality. We want to highlight initiatives from all over the world!

We invite you to take the lead in proposing and implementing more activities to spark dialogue and discussion in this journey. 

Would you like to organize a Twitter chat with us? How about an Instagram take-over? We’re open to media partnerships, let’s do podcasts together!

Do you have other ideas? Please contact us with your proposal at:

Welcome on the journey towards Feminist Realities!

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