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Our flagship event, the International Forum on Women's Rights and Development brings together over 2000 women’s rights activists and allies

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AWID International Forum

The Forum is a process more than just an event!

Please continue to check the Forum site for blogs, articles and analysis about the issues that were discussed.

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Participants to AWID´s Forum travel from around the world to network and take part in the array of discussions and learning sessions organised during the event.

Our flagship event, the International Forum on Women's Rights and Development, brings together around 2000 women's rights leaders, donor agencies, development practitioners, grassroots leaders and activists from around the world. The Forum has come a long way since it was first held in 1983 just after AWID was formed in Washington D.C. 

Evolving from a national conference of around 800 people, the Forum is now a truly global space held every three to four years in a different region of the world. The Forum gives participants an opportunity to network, build alliances, celebrate, and learn in a stimulating and emotive atmosphere that dissolves national borders, fosters deep discussion, personal and professional growth, and strengthens our movements for gender justice and women’s rights.

The Forum responds to the urgency to promote stronger and more coordinated engagement and action by women’s rights advocates, organizations and movements. We also believe that the Forum is more than just an event – it can facilitate a process to influence thinking and set agendas for women’s rights movements and other related actors.

The 2016 AWID Forum

Given the complex world that we face today, the AWID 2016 Forum is not about a particular “issue”, but rather creating more effective ways of working together!

Forum Goals

  • Celebrate the gains of the past 20 years by diverse social movements and critically analyze the lessons we can carry forward.

  • Assess our current reality to locate the opportunities and threats for advancing the rights of women and other oppressed people.

  • Explore strategies for mobilizing greater solidarity and collective power across diverse movements.

  • Inspire, energize and renew strength and purpose.

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The 2012 AWID Forum

Volunteers are a vital helping hand to AWID before, during and after the Forum.

The 12th AWID Forum was held in 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey, with the theme “Transforming Economic Power to Advance Women’s Rights and Justice”. Our 2012 Forum was the largest and most diverse AWID Forum to date, bringing together 2239 women’s rights activists from 141 countries. Of these participants, around 65% were from the Global South and close to 15% were young women under 30, and 75% attended an AWID Forum for their first time.

The Forum program focused on transforming economic power to advance women’s rights and justice and featured over 170 different kinds of sessions including feminist economics toolbox skills-building sessions, breakout sessions representing all 10 Forum themes, in-depth sessions, and solidarity roundtables. AWID provided simultaneous interpretation in six languages (English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish and Russian), with some sessions also offering interpretation in Kurdish.

Building on the momentum of the Forum, we transformed the website into a resource and learning Hub, which builds on the content generated by participants by featuring multi-media resources on all Forum components. 

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