Where is the Money for Women's Rights - Factsheets

These factsheets were produced to help in understanding the dynamics around funding for womens rights activities.

Civil Society, Community Participation and Empowerment in the Era of Globalisation

In this article, feminist political economist Marilyn Waring looks at international development, civil society and the rights agenda through a feminist movement history lens.

Intersectionality: A Tool for Gender and Economic Justice

This primer explains what intersectionality is, including its critical role in work for human rights and development, and suggests some different ways in which gender equality advocates can use it.


Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation for Women’s Rights: 12 Insights for Donors

These twelve insights into how to develop more effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems are important for those engaged in women’s rights and empowerment work at the grassroots, national, regional, and global level.

The Power of Investing in Women’s Rights and Empowerment: A Mid-term Summary of the MDG3 Fund and its Gender Equality Outcomes

This brief shares an assessment of the Dutch MDG3 Fund, highlighting the mid-term outcomes of grants made to a sample of women's organizations worldwide.

Spotlight Articles: Young Women's Leadership and Feminist Movements and Organizations

These articles highlight key issues and points for discussion for young women involved in feminist movements and organizations.

Towards a Future without Fundamentalisms

By presenting a cross-regional, cross-religion synthesis of religious fundamentalist strategies and feminist strategies, this report hopes to enable more effective resistance and challenge to fundamentalisms by women’s rights activists and their allies in other movements.

Exposed: Ten myths about religious fundamentalisms

This in-depth publication presents the top ten myths common to all regions and religions through the lived experiences of women’s rights activists, and contributes to strengthening resistance and challenges to religious fundamentalisms.

Influencing the Funding Landscape for Gender Equality & Women’s Organizations and Movements

The analysis of trends and context presented in this paper are intended to inform both women’s organizations and donors in their work on resource mobilization for women’s organizing. 

Financial Sustainability for Women's Movement's Worldwide

This report offers insights and strategies for achieving a significant increase in access to funding for women's rights work, and also to improve the effectiveness of women's organizations to raise more funds and utilize them to build stronger movements and progress gender equality globally.