Where is the Money for Women's Rights - Funders Forum Presentation

This presentation shows some of the key findings regarding the funding trends for women's rights organizations, the opportunities and challenges they faced at that time of the 2008 'Where is the Money for Women's Rights' survey.


Measuring Success: What's New? What's Next?

This presentation poses the question: How do we measure success? It includes information on evaluation methodologies and the theory of change, as well as the basic tensions and dilemmas that women's rights organizations might face when assessing their work.


2016 AWID Forum - Evaluation Report

The AWID International Forum brings together feminist and women’s rights leaders and activists from diverse movements, development practitioners, and donors from around the world. This global convening consistently proves to be a critical space to collectively energize and shape the analyses, agendas and alliances that drive strategies to make gender justice and human rights lived realities.

IM-Defensoras report on violence against WHRDs in Mesoamerica

This Second Regional Report includes and compares information gathered between 2012 and 2014. AWID, as IM-Defensoras member of its Steering Group, is proud to have contributed in the data gathering and analysis of this report.

Capturing Change in Women’s Realities

This document provides a critique of current monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks and approaches as experienced by women’s organizations and movements worldwide along with an analysis of a large number of M&E frameworks and tools.

The One-Year Evaluation of AWID's 2008 Forum

This report summarizes and analyses results of the one-year evaluation conducted among a focus group of participants at AWID’s 11th International Forum “The Power of Movements” held in Cape Town, South Africa in November, 2008.

Report on AWID’s 2008 Forum, “The Power of Movements”

This Report shares AWID’s perspective on the 2008 Forum: what we believe was accomplished and what we learned.

Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation: 13 Insights for Women's Organizations

This publication presents thirteen key insights into how women’s rights organizations and movements can strengthen capacity to track and assess the contribution of their organizations and interventions.

Sex Workers Transforming Economic Power To Advance Women’s Rights And Justice

This report shares highlights from the four recipients of AWID’s “Innovation Seed Initiatives” whose projects focused on advancing the rights of sex workers.

Women Moving Mountains: The Collective Impact of the Dutch MDG3 Fund

This second report in a research series on resources for women's rights organizing analyzes the aggregate impact of women’s organizations around the world that received grants from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ MDG3 Fund.