‘Movements Matter’: At the Heart of our Feminist Futures

Movements grow in size and vibrancy when they can bring people together, forge deep connections and move them to work with shared purpose and values.

Trans Pageantry, Radical Joy, and Autonomous Resourcing in the Tonga

Joey, as known by her activist community, shares how much of her feminist organizing has been unpaid labour of love; love for friends, love for the trans community, and love for justice.

Everything you wanted to know about the Feminist Realities Magazine

On 23rd April 2020, AWID staff held a conversation via Instagram to chat about why AWID is producing a Feminist Realities magazine, to share more about the kind of stories we would like to feature, and to answer any questions that prospective contributors may have. 

Social media kit: “Movements Matter” digital visual art series

We invite you to share the '#MovementsMatter' illustrations with your networks to support your movement-building work of changing hearts and minds.

‘Movements Matter’: A digital visual art series

Explore our ‘Movements Matter', a digital visual art series that illustrates how movements build collective and compelling political power for human rights, equality and justice.

Key reports & resolutions at the 37th Session of the Human Rights Council

The 37th session of the HRC is taking place in Geneva from 23 February to 23 March 2018, where the HRC will be presented with thematic and country reports from UN experts and where Member States will debate and pass resolutions on cross-cutting human rights issues and human rights situations in particular countries.

Resource Mobilization for Women’s Rights Organizations and Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

This report captures the highlights and outcomes of the Feminist Resource Mobilization Strategy Meeting for Women’s Rights Organizations & Movements in the MENA Region, a space for over 50 participant organizations to receive important information on funding for women’s rights.

The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

This primer provides a description of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and some suggestions of its potential to promote gender equality, particularly in an era of globalization. 

Achieving Women’s Economic and Social Rights: Strategies and Lessons from Experience

This paper synthesizes and analyzes some of the learnings and strategies that have emerged from our advocacy around economic, social and cultural rights.

NGOs urge States to implement the recommendations by the Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights

During the Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights at HRC40, Action Canada delivered a joint statement on our and SRI's behalf to show our support to the work of Karima Bennoune, Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights and demand stronger support from the UN in this field.