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‘Movements Matter’: A digital visual art series

We are proud to share our ‘Movements Matter', a digital visual art series that illustrates how movements build collective and compelling political power for human rights, equality and justice.

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The sparks that ignite our movements…

Thomarya (tee) Fergus’ artwork portrays the strength, power and unity that fuel movements. She wants the viewer to see not only the fight, but the union and strength in community.
Movements ignite when people and communities come together to find common ground; by collaborating, breaking bread, and conversing.
To create this piece, Andrea Pippins was inspired by the Tuskuteesh movement and their efforts to break the silence surrounding all kinds of sexual violence against Arab women.


The solidarity that we practice in our movements…

Rowan Kinchin depicts solidarity as movements interlinking and working together, while maintaining the agency of all involved in a shared commitment to take action.
Bria Cherise Miller captures solidarity by reflecting the many ways to create inclusion while working together and being in community.
Pia Love’s travels have inspired her illustration, which reflects women coming together with a desire to be liberated and find their power. They hold hands in solidarity, surrounded by elements in nature that echo this power.

The concepts of our movements...

Francis Mead uses sunflowers to symbolize the divine feminine energy and the strength of feminist movements across time and space.
Revolutionary movements bring together communities that are marginalized and experience attacks on several fronts.
Nana Buxani explores the concept of women as caretakers of mother earth – mothers of the land and the environment.
Julio Salgado depicts the translating of feminist theory into practice, over generations: the illustration represents important theories written by Black feminists, and the people that bring those theories to life.


The demands of our movements…

Rowan Kinchin brings together the diverse and interlinked key demands from our movements, all of which are ultimately committed to equality and liberation. Together, they equally make up pieces of the global struggle pie.
Aline Lemos arranges a vibrant and colourful group of people against the backdrop of a megaphone, propelling them in forward movement and expansion.

'Movement Matter': gifts to our feminist leaders, organizations and collectives

Read the story behind the series

Use these images in the important movement-building work of changing hearts and minds:

  • Use an image as a banner in a march
  • Tailor them for campaign postcards that can be sent to legislators
  • Put them on t-shirts to gift your leaders
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