Curated Resources - Rainbows and Storms: LGBTQI+, climate crisis and pandemics

The Curated Conversation "Rainbows and Storms: LGBTQI+, climate crisis and pandemics" centers queer voices. Held with DIVA for Equality Fiji, we will learn how to set up community owned aquaponic gardens, collective cleaning of rivers, or organize queer women builders networks. 

We propose here a series of resources for you to explore and dive into the theme.

La Serena: A feminist practice of collective self-care

 “Everything we do at Casa La Serena is an act of constructive rebellion that generates positive realities in the midst of structural violence,” explain Ana María Hernández and  Cinthia Pacheco, both of Consorcio Oaxaca. 

Zuleymi Trans House: a collective resistance to challenge and transform a patriarchal country

The trans house confirms the transformative force of social movements: if no one helps nor provides for us, if the State ignores us, then we’ll do it ourselves.

I am what I am: An openly lesbian Mayor

On October 27, 2019, regional elections were held in Colombia and 49 year-old Claudia López was elected as the first woman and openly lesbian mayor. We spoke with writer and cultural promoter Yirama Castaño Güiza on the significance of this victory.

50th anniversary of Stonewall: “Pride in the Struggle”

On the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, a reflection on visibility in resistance and pride in the struggle.


We were never gender binary: It’s time to reclaim radical lesbian feminism

When trans-exclusionary feminists claim to speak in the name of radical feminism, they erase its diversity.

Calling on states to halt the dismantling of our human rights systems

AWID and partners call out the dismantling of human rights mechanisms and express solidarity with the Coalition of African Lesbians.

Time to Connect the Dots: #MeToo in the Global Workplace

Since its explosion onto the social media landscape at the end of 2017, the #metoo movement has continued to gain global traction. Initially centred on powerful Hollywood women breaking decades of silence about sexual abuse and harassment in the industry, the conversation soon spread across global regions and sectors, from #YoTambien in the Spanish-speaking world to #balancetonporc in French.

Gender transitions: A personal story

Tangarr Forgart is a Trans activist who works with 'Lavendar Menace' in the Ukraine.

Queer visual activism in South Africa

Sandisiwe comes from a lineage of Black queer South African artists, who have documented the joy, pain, and beauty of their communities. In a national context where they face femicides and the targeted rape of lesbians, self-exploration is tantamount to resistance. Here, Sandisiwe describes her foray into visual activism, her aspirations, and ongoing book project.