A call from Myanmar – a recall of Tunisia

On refinding your optimism as a revolutionary feminist

My name is Lola.
I am a feminist. 
I have never been to Myanmar.

There Is No Place for Anti-Trans Agendas in the UN

We reject the co-optation of the human rights framework that the fulfillment of the rights of trans women and cis women is or can be conflicting and incompatible.

Se não lutarmos juntes, vamos chorar juntes.

Estamos cansadas ​​de sermos reduzidas a estudos de caso e campos de pesquisa para acadêmicos e estatísticas para financiadores, em vez de sermos vistas como seres humanos que somos.

If we do not fight together, we will mourn together.

We are tired of being reduced to case studies and research fields for academics and statistics for funders, instead of being seen as the human beings we are.

It's not “sex-based” unless it's a one-night stand

While it is now widely understood that gender norms are socially constructed, gender theorists like Judith Butler have showed that the binary category of sex is in itself socially constructed too.

Resisting Homophobia in Ghana: a Queer & Feminist Strategy

On 17 May, the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT), join AWID’s global feminist community in a live conversation with queer feminist activists from Ghana.

Curated Resources - Rainbows and Storms: LGBTQI+, climate crisis and pandemics

The Curated Conversation "Rainbows and Storms: LGBTQI+, climate crisis and pandemics" centers queer voices. Held with DIVA for Equality Fiji, we will learn how to set up community owned aquaponic gardens, collective cleaning of rivers, or organize queer women builders networks. 

We propose here a series of resources for you to explore and dive into the theme.

La Serena: A feminist practice of collective self-care

 “Everything we do at Casa La Serena is an act of constructive rebellion that generates positive realities in the midst of structural violence,” explain Ana María Hernández and  Cinthia Pacheco, both of Consorcio Oaxaca. 

Zuleymi Trans House: a collective resistance to challenge and transform a patriarchal country

The trans house confirms the transformative force of social movements: if no one helps nor provides for us, if the State ignores us, then we’ll do it ourselves.

I am what I am: An openly lesbian Mayor

On October 27, 2019, regional elections were held in Colombia and 49 year-old Claudia López was elected as the first woman and openly lesbian mayor. We spoke with writer and cultural promoter Yirama Castaño Güiza on the significance of this victory.