Long Live Nomzamo Zanyiwe Winifred (Winnie) Madikizela-Mandela!

1936-2018 | South Africa

I. A mother never dies.

She lives, and lives through her children. Not only of her womb, but of her spirit. Her fruits are infinite, bearing no limits. A spirit breaking borders, boundaries, cultures and genders. Born of a forgotten woman, birthing a nation.

Vienna Rye: The artist behind this year’s Tribute to activists who are no longer with us

This year for our WHRD Tribute, we worked with visual artist Vienna Rye who brought her heart and soul to create beautiful pieces of art dedicated to the memory of 60 activists featured in our online tribute. In her own words, Vienna tells us about her passions, interests, artwork and activism.

The Human Rights Council must condemn attacks on abortion rights defenders

In support of the September 28 “Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion”, 223 civil society organizations from around the world have endorsed this joint statement on abortion rights.

Calling on states to halt the dismantling of our human rights systems

AWID and partners call out the dismantling of human rights mechanisms and express solidarity with the Coalition of African Lesbians.

Women from movements around the globe speak with one voice at United Nations to ensure safety for all

Frontline women activists representing over 20 countries will remind member states of their legal obligation to protect human rights on 20th anniversary of human rights declaration.

“First, they took Dilma”: The Feminist Struggle in Brazil has endured hardships, but we are not alone

A young feminist activist from Brazil describes the cycle of collective pain, mourning, and hope that she and her comrades experienced throughout recent political events

Time to Connect the Dots: #MeToo in the Global Workplace

Since its explosion onto the social media landscape at the end of 2017, the #metoo movement has continued to gain global traction. Initially centred on powerful Hollywood women breaking decades of silence about sexual abuse and harassment in the industry, the conversation soon spread across global regions and sectors, from #YoTambien in the Spanish-speaking world to #balancetonporc in French.

Black Panther’s powerful women are magical – just like our everyday feminist superheroes

Watching Black Panther made me think about our everyday feminist superheroes, stepping out of their comfort zones and powering activism with creativity and skill.

5 amazing feminist spaces that brought us joy in 2017

This year, many of us at AWID have continued to be inspired by the community of activists, and movements with whom we have held space. These include feminists who use digital technologies to create vibrant online communities, to people protecting the planet for future generations, to migrant workers and refugees highlighting the need for fair working conditions for all, to economists who conceptualise a world rooted in just economies.

This is why we fight: Interview with Isabel Flota Ayala

AWID spoke with Isabel Flota Ayala, an indigenous activist from the International Indigenous Women’s Fund (IIWF) about people who fought bravely for her communities.