2016 AWID Forum - Evaluation Report

The AWID International Forum brings together feminist and women’s rights leaders and activists from diverse movements, development practitioners, and donors from around the world. This global convening consistently proves to be a critical space to collectively energize and shape the analyses, agendas and alliances that drive strategies to make gender justice and human rights lived realities.

Women's Rights in Transitions to Democracy: Achieving Rights, Resisting Backlash

The Women’s Rights in Transitions to Democracy: Achieving Rights Resisting Backlash (Pre-Meeting and Strategy Sessions Report) is based on the pre AWID 2012 Forum consultation devoted to strategizing around women’s rights and transitions to democracy, attended by almost 100 women’s rights leaders from over 18 countries in the MENA region, as well as activists from Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South Asia.

Planting seeds for innovation: initiatives that emerged from the 2012 Forum

This report reveals how ideas generated at the 2012 Forum and supported by an AWID’s Innovation Seed Initiatives have far-reaching benefits and ripple effects.

Challenging corporate power: Struggles for women’s rights, economic and gender justice

AWID and the Solidarity Center release of a joint report that outlines the ways in which large national and transnational corporations are impacting the lives of women’s and oppressed people’s and offers insights into their strategies of resistance.

The One-Year Evaluation of AWID's 2008 Forum

This report summarizes and analyses results of the one-year evaluation conducted among a focus group of participants at AWID’s 11th International Forum “The Power of Movements” held in Cape Town, South Africa in November, 2008.

Report on AWID’s 2008 Forum, “The Power of Movements”

This Report shares AWID’s perspective on the 2008 Forum: what we believe was accomplished and what we learned.

Sex Workers Transforming Economic Power To Advance Women’s Rights And Justice

This report shares highlights from the four recipients of AWID’s “Innovation Seed Initiatives” whose projects focused on advancing the rights of sex workers.

Re-envisioning Development, Exploring Alternative Constructions Across the Globe

This series of articles contribute to an examination of new paths that challenge the mainstream development model, built from the work, analysis, and visions of feminist and women's rights movements and activists, as well as providing examples from India, Indonesia, Kenya, and the Middle East.

Diverse development models and strategies revisited

This collection of articles aims to provoke further analysis on other ways to think about development and organization of the economy.

The Aid and Development Effectiveness Process from a Women's Rights Perspective: A Snapshot

This document was prepared as a guide to the sessions relating to development cooperation at the 12th AWID International Forum in Istanbul, Turkey, 19-22 April 2012.