The task ahead to ensure sustainably funded women's rights movements

This presentation captures the main points made by participants during the final session of the Resource Mobilisation Hub at the 2012 AWID Forum. 

Where is the Money for Women's Rights - Funders Forum Presentation

This presentation shows some of the key findings regarding the funding trends for women's rights organizations, the opportunities and challenges they faced at that time of the 2008 'Where is the Money for Women's Rights' survey.


Toward a feminist funding ecosystem: A framework and practical guide

Imagine the world we could create together if feminist movements were abundantly resourced. In our new report, Toward A Feminist Funding Ecosystem, we explore what it would take to make this a reality.

A Call to Action: Insights into the Status of Funding for Indigenous Women’s Groups

It is our hope that this report will open a dialogue and space for further unpacking of the provided data and results and will provide actionable guidance in how funding trends and donor recommendations can support Indigenous Women’s Organizations in a meaningful and effective way, ensuring a sustainable planet for our future generations.

Planting seeds for innovation: initiatives that emerged from the 2012 Forum

This report reveals how ideas generated at the 2012 Forum and supported by an AWID’s Innovation Seed Initiatives have far-reaching benefits and ripple effects.

Brave, Creative and Resilient: The State of Young Feminist Organizing

FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund launched at the 2016 AWID international Forum, an exclusive research that analyzed young feminist-led organizing from more than 1500 organizations around the world, over three years.

Urgent Responses for Women Human Rights Defenders at Risk

This report describes the types of resources and strategies available to respond to urgent situations of violence against WHRDs as well as some of the organizations that offer them.

Beyond Investing in Women and Girls: Mobilizing Resources

An in-depth look at the funding landscape for women’s rights and the powerful impact of resources in the hands of women’s organizations.

Resource Mobilization for Women’s Rights Organizations and Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

This report captures the highlights and outcomes of the Feminist Resource Mobilization Strategy Meeting for Women’s Rights Organizations & Movements in the MENA Region, a space for over 50 participant organizations to receive important information on funding for women’s rights.

Money Watch for Women’s Rights Movements and Organizations: FundHer Brief 2008

The AWID 2008 global survey of donors and women’s rights activists provides the information presented in this Fundher brief.