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Beyond Investing in Women and Girls: Mobilizing Resources

This three-part compendium of research provides an in-depth analysis of the current funding trends and actors impacting women’s rights organizing, the financial status of women’s organizations around the world, and the collective impact of women’s rights organizations, when supported in a meaningful and strategic way, to build women’s collective power for change and advance women’s rights.




Key Findings:

  1. Women and girls are in the public eye, recognized as key agents in development, with unprecedented visibility. 
  2. Vast resources are becoming available under the broad umbrella of ‘women and girls’. AWID mapped 170 related initiatives that collectively committed USD14.6 Billion. 
  3. Mechanisms and sources of development financing and philanthropy are becoming increasingly diversified, but economic growth and return on investment are principle drivers for many of the “new actors” supporting women and girls, with human rights taking a backseat. 
  4. Women’s organizations are key change agents: when supported strategically and over the long-term, they achieve significant impact in gender power relations and the lives of women and girls.
  5. Despite this, the current spotlight on women and girls has had relatively little impact on improving the funding situation for a large majority of women’s organizations around the world. In 2010, the median annual income of over 740 women’s organizations around the world was just USD 20,000.
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