Webinar summary: Data, Resources and Women’s Rights

On Thursday, 19 May 2016, the Resourcing Women’s Rights team at AWID facilitated a webinar focused on the role data plays in influencing funding and resource availability for women’s rights organizing. 

Building a Feminist Resource Mobilization Strategy

Video: Changing Systems, Changing Lives

Watch the new animation video from AWID "Changing Systems, Changing Lives"

Feminist Donor List: Who Can Fund My Women’s Rights Organizing?

Feminist and women’s rights organizations face many challenges conducting the necessary and often urgent work fighting for women’s rights in their communities, while simultaneously searching for funding to sustain themselves. Responding to a key demand of our constituencies, AWID offers a searchable donor list, making it easier for feminist and women’s rights organizations to connect with the right funders.

Resource Mobilization Hub at the 12th International AWID Forum

The Resource Mobilization Hub (RMH) at the 12th International AWID Forum  was developed in close collaboration with peers in the funding community and women's rights movement. The RMH was the first of it's kind at an AWID Forum and offered a dynamic, interactive space for both funders and women’s rights activists. 

At the RMH, both donor representatives and women's rights activists participated in: 

Highs and Lows for Women's Rights and Gender Justice in 2014

2014 saw an unprecedented increase in conflict, militarism and rising fundamentalisms across the globe, negatively affecting women in a plethora of ways. And while negotiations on the new development agenda - to replace the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) that expire this year – took centre stage, women’s rights activists had to fight hard to advance women's human rights. In this video AWID presents a visual overview of some of the highs and lows for women’s rights and gender justice in 2014.

Significant Moments for Women's Rights in 2013

From progressive laws and resolutions being passed to conservative backlash, regressive laws, violence and conflict, 2013 was another year of progress and setbacks for women's rights. AWID presents a visual overview of some of the year's significant moments for women's rights.



Women Moving Mountains: PowerPoint Presentation

This “Women Moving Mountains” Powerpoint presents AWID’s preliminary assessment of the global impact of the MDG3 Fund.

AWID's Presentation at UNGA69 Side Event

AWID's Executive Director gave the following presentation at the side event "Making it happen - financing gender equality and women's rights in the post-2015 development agenda" co-organized by OECD, UN Women and AWID at the 69th United Nations General Assembly.

Where is the Money for Indigenous Women's Rights Organizing?

The following presentation was given at the Resource Mobilization Hub For Indigenous Women’s Rights, during IFIP’s World Summit on Indigenous Philanthropy on Friday September 26, 2014.