Tracking the harassers: a visual story

A comic by Myra El Mir: "This story starts with something so routine, so common, we've all seen it...."

Holistic Protection for Women Human Rights Defenders

This set of infographics share key components of holistic protection for women human rights defenders.

List of Materials and Resources for Women Human Rights Defenders

The compilation includes materials related to the security, protection and self-case of women human rights defenders, along with manuals dealing with the documentation and monitoring of violations of women’s rights, and information about rights and mechanisms available to women human rights defenders at risk.

Building solidarity between feminist movements and women resisting the war on drugs

AWID worked closely with communities of women who use drugs to build solidarity, learn from, support and engage with each other. We have documented our experience in this report.

Digital Dangers: Information and Communication Technologies and Trafficking in Women

It seems unlikely that whoever coined the term ‘information superhighway’ anticipated that the traffic on the internet would be in people, as well as information. How, and how much, the internet and other ICTs are implicated in trafficking is the subject of this paper.

Our Right to Safety: Women Human Rights Defenders' Holistic Approach to Protection

This publication provides a reflection on the complex situations of women who face threats and violations as a result of their work defending human rights.

Masks on, walk off!

Ava Caradonna is an organizer with Radio AvA. This article reflects her personal views and experience, not that of the collective or the X:talk project 

Against bleak ghosts of familiar urban landscape and CCTV cameras labelled “for your protection” the news on the radio skits between weather forecast, rationing, raids, a special public appearance by the queen, politicians promising increased production and London quarantine zones to be avoided “for reasons of health and safety”.

- Impressions from V for Vendetta, 1982

We condemn the ongoing criminalization of human rights defenders in Guatemala

We are gravelly alarmed by the ongoing, targeted criminalization of human rights defenders in Guatemala including the recent judicial harassment of defenders Mrs. Claudia Virginia Samayoa Pineda and Mr. José Manuel Martínez Cabrera. With this letter, we urge the Guatemalan Government to end all acts of harassment against human rights defenders and to guarantee the realization of fundamental freedoms in all regions of Guatemala.


Activists call for a UN-wide policy to support and protect women human rights defenders

In front of a packed room at UN Headquarters in Geneva, Omaima Al Najjar, a woman human rights defender and political refugee from Saudi Arabia, delivered an urgent message to the Human Rights Council on Thursday February 28, 2019.

Privacy is a fundamental right not just for the most powerful and privileged

The right to privacy is a fundamental human right, to be enjoyed by all. This statement was delivered at the UN Human Rights Council 40th Session, on March 1st, 2019.