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Social Media Kit: A tribute to WHRDs who are no longer with us

AWID’s 2016 Tribute to Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) is part of our contributions to the 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence campaign which takes place every year from 25 November to 10 December.  

Please join us in commemorating and celebrating WHRDs who have fought tirelessly for their human rights and for those of others.

The sample messages and images below are just some of the inspiring and courageous WHRDs featured in the 2016 edition of our Tribute.

We welcome you to share these on your social media channels and to add your own reflections on the contributions these WHRDs have made to the advancement of human rights.

Olena Tsukerman

Olena was a fervent activist and strong defender of the rights of people who use drugs and sex workers’ rights.

She served on the International Steering Committee of the Red Umbrella Fund, and was the Executive Director of a self-organised association ‘All-Ukrainian League’ Legalife.

Olena passed away suddenly in December 2015.

We honour and celebrate #WHRD Olena Tsukerman and her contributions to the advancement of human rights: #16Days

Lohana Berkins

Lohana was a prominent Argentinian activist and advocate for trans persons’ rights. Her work was crucial for the formation and approval of the Gender Identity Law. She founded the Asociación de Lucha por la Identidad Travesti y Transexual, an organisation advocating for trans rights, as well as Cooperativa Textil Echazú Nadia, the first textile cooperative for trans persons in Argentina.

Lohana passed away in February 2016.

We honour and celebrate #WHRD @LaBerkins and her contributions to the advancement of human rights: #16Days

Elaine Rosa Salo

A leading African feminist scholar, Elaine Rosa was an Associate Professor in the Women and Gender Studies department at the University of Delaware, United States. Prior to that she was director of the Institute for Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. Among others, she taught classes in gender and politics, women’s movements, and gender and development.

Elaine passed away in August 2016 after a battle with breast cancer.

We honour and celebrate #WHRD Elaine Rosa Salo and her contributions to the advancement of human rights: #16Days

Berta Cáceres Flores

Berta was a feminist activist, environmental human rights defender and leader of the indigenous Lenca community in Honduras. She founded the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) and won the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2015.

Berta was brutally murdered in her sleep in March 2016.

We honour #WHRD #BertaCáceres and her contributions to the advancement of human rights: #16Days @COPINHHONDURAS

Helen Joanne 'Jo' Cox

Jo was a British Labour Party politician and Member of Parliament for the Batley and Spen constituency. She spoke out in favour of women’s rights, diversity, and the rights of refugees, and campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU.

In June 2016, Jo was fatally shot and stabbed, with the perpetrator reportedly shouting "Britain first". A local man was arrested and charged with her murder.

We honour & celebrate #WHRD #JoCox and her contributions to the advancement of human rights: #16Days

Rebecca Masika Katsuva

Rebecca, known by many as 'Mama Masika', was a human rights defender who survived periods of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo and devoted her life to supporting women in her region. Rebecca opened a shelter for women victims of rape, their children, and orphans and has founded the Association des Personnes Déshéritées Unies pour le Développement through which she helped more than 6,000 women.

Rebecca passed away in February 2016 following complications with malaria.

We honour & celebrate #WHRD #MamaMasika and her contributions to the advancement of human rights: #16Days

Sharmus Outlaw

Sharmus was a trans woman and activist fighting for sex workers’ rights, people living with HIV, and the rights of trans women of colour. She was a national policy advocate at Best Practices Policy Project, a representative for the Programme Advisory Committee of the Red Umbrella Fund, and served as a co-coordinator for the Desiree Alliance. She experienced health care discrimination, and much of her work focused on the transgender community and access to health services.

After battling with cancer, Sharmus passed away in July 2016.

We honour #WHRD #SharmusOutlaw and her contributions to the advancement of human rights: #16Days @redumbrellafund

Nuzhat Amin

Nuzhat was an activist, journalist and professor. She co-founded the Women's Action Forum in Pakistan, wrote for newspapers in South Asia and the Middle East before settling down in North America. Dr. Amin taught women's studies and issues of diversity in education and applied linguistics at universities across Canada and the United States.

Nuzhat died of complications due to breast cancer in 2007.

We honour & celebrate #WHRD Nuzhat Amin and her contributions to the advancement of human rights: #16Days 

Magaly Pineda Tejada

Magaly was a feminist leader, sociologist, and research professor. She founded the Research Center for Feminist Action, a first of its kind in the Dominican Republic, and one of the first in Latin America. She also co-founded several feminist national and regional networks.

Magaly passed away in March 2016.

We honour & celebrate #WHRD Magaly Pineda & her contributions to the advancement of human rights: #16Days @CIPAF_RD

Shahinda Maklad

Shahinda was a leftist activist who devoted her life to peasants’ rights. As an elected member  of the committees of the National Union (NU), she succeeded in implementing land reforms in Kamshish, Menoufya. On two occasions, under President Sadat, she was arrested due to her activism. Shahinda was also very active in revolting against the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 2012.

Shahinda passed away in June 2016 leaving behind fifty years of fierce activism, devotion and determination.

We honour & celebrate #WHRD Shahinda Maklad & her contributions to the advancement of human rights: #16Days
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