Iran's Year of Defiance and Repression: How One Woman's Death Sparked a Nationwide Uprising

A year ago, Mahsa Jina Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian woman, died in the custody of the morality police after being arrested over alleged “improper” hijab in Tehran.

Celebrating the Legacy of our Feminist Ancestors

Join AWID’s feminist artist-in-residence Ika Vantiani and Indonesian rapper Yacko for a special live collage workshop and performance event, to celebrate and pay tribute to feminist human rights defenders who are no longer with us. Participants will be guided through creating their own WHRD tribute artwork inspired by a feminist human rights defender of their choosing, while jamming to a curated playlist of feminist music from Indonesia and beyond.

Women leaders and human rights defenders in Colombia: A legacy of dreams, struggles and affection that we will not silence

“[To be a woman leader] is to love and defend our
 culture, land, race, identity.
It is to defend who we are.”
- Claudia Rincón, Colombian leader

Women’s land rights activists' footprints: fighting erasure, defending communal land rights.

Throughout history against oppression, those on the frontline always know that the struggle might take their lives. For a body that persistently refuses to be invisibilized, refuses to be at the very least passive in the face of oppression, is stolen, just like the land. 

Celebrating feminist ancestors with a living archive of hope

On every corner of this planet, we who refuse to have our bodies, our minds, our communities bound and suppressed, have always had heroes, we are surrounded by them, they are with us, they are us.

"Tengo la palabra" (We have the voice): Resistance in Honduras

Almost ten years after the coup d’état in Honduras, protesters and women human rights defenders (WHRDs) continue to face reprisals for denouncing a questionable election process, we are proud to premier «We have the Voice (2018)», a short documentary about the resistance in Honduras.

Bring on the Binding Treaty: It's time for corporate accountability

Human rights abuses. Plundered resources. #Feminists4BindingTreaty explain why corporations must be held accountable for their impacts around the world.

Recommendations to protect WHRDs confronting extractive industries

In our report on Women Human Rights Defenders confronting extractive industries,  AWID and the Women Human Rights Defender International Coalition (WHRDIC) have made the following recommendations in order to contribute towards a safe, enabling environments for WHRDs as they peacefully exercise power and define visions of development for themselves and their communities.

Weaving resistance through action: Strategies of WHRDs confronting extractivism and corporate power

Building on inspiring stories of resistance, our new practical guide presents concrete strategies put in place by WHRDs to confront corporate power and preserve their people, livelihood and territories against extractivism.

Defending people and planet: WHRDs confronting extractive industries

We are launching two new resources featuring courageous Women Human Rights Defenders who are confronting extractive industries and corporate power. They share their struggles for land and life, and speak to the risks and challenges they face in their activism.