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Welcome to Crear | Résister | Transform: a festival for feminist movements!

Date: 1 - 30 September 2021



Do you want to be inspired by the creative resistance strategies of feminists from all over the world? Do you want to discover feminist initiatives that show us how we can all live in a more just world? Do you want to learn about models of feminist care and healing to bring to your own community? 

Is that a resounding yes that we hear? YES! Then sign up today to participate in Crear | Résister | Transform: a festival for feminist movements.

The festival takes place online throughout the month of September across all of AWID’s platforms.

Join conversations such as:

“She is on her way”: Alternatives, feminisms and another world 
Join feminist activists as they share their experiences of “daring to invent the future”. Learn about alternatives to the state and a feminist take on governance and transformative justice, feminist economies that center people and climate justice, and on gender-diverse cultures and lived realities.

“The revolution will be feminist—or it won’t be a revolution,”
Feminists and gender diverse activists from across the world will tell you the story of how they have won reproductive rights, resisted corporate power, and toppled authoritarian regimes. This session centers feminist decolonial and racial justice struggles, feminist cross-border solidarity and internationalism.

Organising to win!
How do we imagine, build and practice the types of relationships, structures, and culture that enable us to build the worlds of justice, care and joy we envision? Join this conversation to reflect and learn on our ways of organising and building organisations and movements that embody our feminisms.  

And many more!



Take a stroll through our Pleasure Garden and join wellness and sex positive sessions including:

  • #SextLikeAFeminist
  • Reimaging BDSM
  • Healing circles

Soak in some feminist art and culture

  • Check out inspiring films from our Feminist Film Club curated by Alejandra Laprea
  • Take a stroll through our virtual art exhibition
  • Get your dancery on at our IG live concerts 

Crear | Résister | Transform is for you and all the amazing feminist and social justice activists that you know. Let’s come together to share our resistance strategies, co-create some feminist magic, and transform this world together.


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