A call from Myanmar – a recall of Tunisia

On refinding your optimism as a revolutionary feminist

My name is Lola.
I am a feminist. 
I have never been to Myanmar.

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Celebrating the Legacy of our Feminist Ancestors

Join AWID’s feminist artist-in-residence Ika Vantiani and Indonesian rapper Yacko for a special live collage workshop and performance event, to celebrate and pay tribute to feminist human rights defenders who are no longer with us. Participants will be guided through creating their own WHRD tribute artwork inspired by a feminist human rights defender of their choosing, while jamming to a curated playlist of feminist music from Indonesia and beyond.

Time to elect 2 bold feminists to join our Board of Directors

Every year, AWID seeks to renew and enrich the perspectives and experience reflected in our Board of Directors by bringing in new members. 

What is the Board’s role?

Our Board of Directors is critical to ensuring AWID effectively fulfills its mission to support feminist movements around the world to thrive. Our Board reflects a range of geographies, struggles and perspectives--part of the diversity and strength of feminist movements.

AWID is launching a call for participation in a Feminist Journalist Program.

AWID is launching a call for participation in a Feminist Journalist Program. 

Call for participation in a Feminist Journalist Project
Please fill the form and upload your CV and a short cover letter saying why you are interested in participating

Nominate bold feminists to join AWID's Board of Directors

Currently, we are looking for individuals to serve 3-year terms on AWID’s Board, starting in early 2022. This is an opportunity to contribute to our organisation’s governance and to be part of an amazing group of feminists from around the world. 

Please help us to identify thoughtful and bold feminists to nominate for election by July 2, 2021.

Submit your nomination

Please also share this invitation to nominate with your networks!

The pandemic isn't over until it's over for all

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What has feminism got to do with it?

A conversation on how feminism shapes systemic alternatives and doesn’t 

On September 23rd and October 13th, 2020, a small group of diverse feminist activists working toward transformative change, met to discuss how feminism has shaped or is currently shaping systemic alternatives. We present these notes from what was a very rich conversation, with gratitude to all those who shared their experiences, knowledge, and passion to build a better world. 

The pandemic isn't over until it's over for all

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Welcome to Crear | Résister | Transform: a festival for feminist movements!

Date: 1 - 30 September 2021

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