Thematic Anchors

Thematic Anchors

Six thematic anchors hold the Feminist Realities framework of the Forum. Each anchor centers feminist realities, experiences and visions, on the continuum between resistance and proposition, struggle and alternative. We seek to explore together what our feminist realities are made of and what enables them to flourish in different spheres of our life.

These realities may be fully articulated ways of living, dreams and ideas in the making, or precious experiences and moments. 

The anchors are not isolated themes, but rather interconnected containers for activities at the Forum. We envision many activities to be at the intersection of these themes, at the intersection of different struggles, communities and movements. The descriptions are preliminary, and continue to evolve as the Feminist Realities journey continues.

Resources for Communities and Movements & Economic Justice

This anchor centers questions of how we -- as individuals, communities, and movements -- meet our basic needs and secure the resources that we need to thrive, in ways that center care for people and nature. By “resources” we mean food, water, clean air, as well as money, labor, information, knowledge, time, and more. 

Drawing on feminist resistance to the dominant economic system of exploitation and extractivism, the anchor highlights the powerful and inspiring feminist proposals, experiences and practices of organizing our economic and social life. Food and seed sovereignty, feminist visions of work and labor, just and sustainable systems of trade, are just some of the questions to explore. We will bravely face the contradictions that emerge from the need to survive in oppressive economic systems. 
This anchor positions funding and resourcing for organizations and movements in a broad feminist analysis of economic justice and wealth creation. It explores how to move resources where they are needed, from tax justice and basic income to different models of philanthropy and creative & autonomous resourcing for movements.

Governance, Accountability and Justice

We seek to build new visions and amplify existing realities and experiences of feminist governance, justice and accountability. In the face of the global crisis and rising fascisms and fundamentalisms, this anchor centers feminist, radical and emancipatory models, practices and ideas of organizing society and political life, - locally and globally.

The anchor will explore what feminist governance looks like, from feminist experiences of municipalism to building institutions outside of nation-states, to our visions of multilateralism. We will exchange experiences of justice and accountability processes in our communities, organizations and movements, including models of restorative, community-based and transformative justice that reject state violence and the prison-industrial complex.

Centering experiences of travel, migration and refuge as well as feminist organizing, we seek a world without deadly border regimes; a world of free movement and exciting journeys.

Digital Realities

The role of technology in our lives is ever increasing and the line between online and offline realities blurred. Feminists make widespread use of technologies and online space to build community, learn from each other, and mobilise action. With online spaces, we can expand the boundaries of our physical world. On the flip side, digital communications are largely owned by corporations with minimal accountability to users: data mining, surveillance and security breaches have become the norm, as well as online violence and harassment. 

This anchor explores the feminist opportunities and challenges within digital realities. We’ll look at alternatives to privately owned platforms that dominate the digital landscape, well-being strategies for navigating online spaces, and uses of technology to overcome accessibility challenges. We’ll explore the potentials of technology in relation to pleasure, trust and relationships.

Bodies, Pleasure and Wellbeing

We hold feminist realities also within ourselves -- the embodied experience. Control of our labour, mobility, reproduction, and sexuality continues to be central to patriarchal, cis-heteronormative and capitalist structures. Defying this oppression, people of diverse genders, sexualities and abilities create encounters, spaces and sub-cultures of joy, care, pleasure and deep appreciation for ourselves and each other.  

This anchor will explore multiple ideas, narratives, imaginations, and cultural expressions of consent, agency and desire as held by women, trans, non-binary, gender non-conforming and intersex people in different societies and cultures. 

We will exchange strategies for winning reproductive rights and justice, and articulate social practices that enable and respect bodily autonomy, integrity and freedom. The anchor links different struggles and movements to inform each other’s perceptions and experiences of wellbeing and pleasure.

Planet and Living Beings

Imagine a feminist planet. What is the sound of the water, the smell of the air, the touch of the earth? What is the relationship between the planet and its living beings, humans included? Feminist realities are realities of environmental and climate justice. Feminist, indigenous, decolonial and ecological struggles are often rooted in transformative visions and relations among people and nature. 

This anchor centers the wellbeing of our planet, and reflects on the ways in which humans have interacted with and reshaped our planet. We seek to explore aspects of traditional knowledge and biodiversity as part of sustaining a feminist planet, and learn about feminist practices around degrowth, commoning, models of parallel economies, agro-ecology, food and energy sovereignty initiatives.

Feminist organizing

While we see all the anchors as related, this one is truly cross-cutting so we invite you to add an organizing dimension to whatever anchor(s) your proposed activity links to.

How is feminist organizing happening in the world today? This question turns our attention to actors, power dynamics, resources, leadership, to the economies we are embedded within, to our understanding of justice and accountability, to the digital age, to our experiences of autonomy, wellbeing and collective care. Across all anchors, we hope to create a space for honest reflection on power and resources distribution and negotiation within our own movements.

The Forum is a collaborative process

The Forum is more than a four-day convening. It is one more stop on a movement strengthening journey around Feminist Realities that has already begun and will continue well beyond the Forum dates.

Join us on this journey!