List of Materials and Resources for Women Human Rights Defenders

The compilation includes materials related to the security, protection and self-case of women human rights defenders, along with manuals dealing with the documentation and monitoring of violations of women’s rights, and information about rights and mechanisms available to women human rights defenders at risk.

Key reports & resolutions at the 37th Session of the Human Rights Council

The 37th session of the HRC is taking place in Geneva from 23 February to 23 March 2018, where the HRC will be presented with thematic and country reports from UN experts and where Member States will debate and pass resolutions on cross-cutting human rights issues and human rights situations in particular countries.

Transitional Justice

The Transitional Justice category examines different case studies showcasing the impact of addressing injustice on the degree to which women’s rights were achieved in various democratization processes. Women have often been referred to as “weapons of war” in all kinds of conflicts across and within borders, in different cultures, times and regions. Mechanisms used to bring those crimes committed before, during, and after conflicts and wars to justice are critical for laying the foundation for the new democracies.

The Transitions to Democracy

The Transitions to Democracy category mirrors the title of the mapping by including pieces that provide a more general historic geopolitical overview of specific countries or situations in transition from a broad cross-cutting perspective, thus setting a contextual tone for more specific categories of resources.

Women Human Rights Defenders confronting extractive industries

Violence against Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) continues to grow. WHRDs confronting unfettered corporate power in pursuit of human rights face particular situations of risk and threats.

IM-Defensoras report on violence against WHRDs in Mesoamerica

This Second Regional Report includes and compares information gathered between 2012 and 2014. AWID, as IM-Defensoras member of its Steering Group, is proud to have contributed in the data gathering and analysis of this report.

Urgent Responses for Women Human Rights Defenders at Risk

This report describes the types of resources and strategies available to respond to urgent situations of violence against WHRDs as well as some of the organizations that offer them.

Global Report on the Situation of Women Human Rights Defenders

The WHRD International Coalition has published the Global Report on the Situation of WHRDs to advance the recognition of WHRDs, the violence and violations of rights that they face, and the contexts that enable these violations.

2012 Assessment Report: Violence Against Women Human Rights Defenders in Mesoamerica

The Mesoamerican Registry of Attacks against WHRDs collects and analyzes data on attacks against WHRDs and their organizations in Mesoamerica.

Ten Insights to Strengthen Responses for Women Human Rights Defenders at Risk

The 10 insights presented in this publication provide the key considerations for strengthening responses for Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) at risk by ensuring that they are strategic and properly resourced.