Influencing the Funding Landscape for Gender Equality & Women’s Organizations and Movements

The analysis of trends and context presented in this paper are intended to inform both women’s organizations and donors in their work on resource mobilization for women’s organizing. 

Watering the Leaves, Starving the Roots

This report provides the latest analysis on the funding trends impacting women’s rights organizing and the financial status of women’s organizations around the world.

New Actors, New Money, New Conversations

This report contributes to filling a gap in understanding the current landscape of the corporate sector and other actors that are new to supporting women and girls, and the role they are playing in shaping related funding discourse and practice.

Financial Sustainability for Women's Movement's Worldwide

This report offers insights and strategies for achieving a significant increase in access to funding for women's rights work, and also to improve the effectiveness of women's organizations to raise more funds and utilize them to build stronger movements and progress gender equality globally.