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Financial Sustainability for Women's Movement's Worldwide

Building on the achievements/impact of our 1st FundHer Report, Where is the Money for Women’s Rights? Assessing the resources and the role of donors in the promotion of women's rights and the support of women's rights organizations, this report probes deeper into fundamental questions related to resource mobilization and movement-building.

◾️ How are women’s organizations and movements growing worldwide?

◾️ Why do we need strong women’s movements and organizations?

◾️ Where is the money for women’s rights?

◾️ How should we mobilize new resources to build stronger feminist movements in order to advance women’s rights worldwide?

This is the second FundHer report in a series of publications resulting from AWID's multi-year action research initiative Where is the Money for Women's Rights?, set up to not only offer insights and strategies for achieving a significant increase in access to and amount of funding available to support women's rights work, but also to improve the effectiveness of women's organizations to raise more funds and utilize them to build stronger movements and progress gender equality globally.

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