Feminist Groups Reject State Attempts to Roll-back on Gender Justice at HRC50

This joint statement was released jointly by the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR), the Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI) and the Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) in response to the hostile amendments by states during the adoption of the Resolution on the Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and girls at the 50th Session of the Human Rights Council.

At the UN, states and anti-rights actors join forces to push back against gender justice

The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) has long been a space for civil society to hold states accountable for human rights violations. However, it has recently become fertile ground for a host of vested interests intent on pushing back rights, particularly around gender and sexuality. At the most recent session last month, we witnessed some states in thrall to the priorities of multinational corporations and others pushing anti-rights language.

Feminist groups demand states to stop repression of young feminist activists

This joint statement was delivered by AWID on behalf of the Observatory on the Universality of Rights on young women and girl’s activism.

Press Release: Over 700 women’s rights organizations and Feminists Demand End Of UN Women’s Partnership With Blackrock, Inc.

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Updated September 5th, 2022

The asset management firm has holdings in fossil fuels, military & civilian arms manufacturing

Over 700 women’s rights organizations, feminist activists and allies have signed an open letter urging UN Women to ‘immediately rescind and repudiate’ its partnership with the asset management firm BlackRock. 

Feminists Demand End Of UN Women’s Partnership With Blackrock, Inc.

In a time of climate, environmental, health, political and economic crises, a partnership with an entity that is actively undermining international commitments to advance sustainable development, is a serious aberration.

تضامن نسوي مع المجتمع المدني الفلسطيني

بصفتنا مجتمعًا نسويًا عالميًا، نعبّر عن تضامننا الكامل مع منظمات المجتمع المدني الفلسطينية الستّ التي حظرتها إسرائيل ونؤكّد أهمية التحرّر الفلسطيني بصفته جزءًا من النضال النسوي.


للتوقيع الآن


 "في الواقع وفي الأساس، لا يمكن للنسوية دعم العنصرية أو الفوقية أو السيطرة القمعية بأي شكلٍ كان."
-       مريم البرغوثي

Civil Society Demands Equitable Access to COVID-19 Vaccines

Joint Statement for the 46th Session of the Human Rights Council Item 3

This joint statement was delivered by IWRAW Asia Pacific, the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies and SRI, and endorsed by 71 organizations denouncing vaccine nationalism, the stockpiling of COVID-19 vaccines and the stonewalling of a temporary TRIPS waiver proposal by rich countries.

အမျိုးသမီးများအပေါ် အကြမ်းဖက်မှုအတွက် မြန်မာစစ်တပ်ကို အရေးယူဒဏ်ခတ်ပါ။

အမျိုးသမီးများအပေါ် အကြမ်းဖက်မှုအတွက် မြန်မာစစ်တပ်ကို အရေးယူဒဏ်ခတ်ပါ။

Hold Myanmar Military Accountable for Violence Against Women

We make this statement on behalf of 191 organizations.

Hold Myanmar Military Accountable for Violence Against Women

Read the Burmese version

STATEMENT: Feminists Demand #VaccineJustice

Recently, a number of feminists, and feminist organizations met to analyze the root causes of the unequal access to health and life-saving vaccines globally. A key factor contributing to this injustice is the hoarding of vaccines by wealthy Northern States and the interference of powerful transnational corporations and philanthrocapitalists in the efforts to secure an affordable global Covid-19 vaccine.