For Immediate Release: International Women's Day; Hybrid physical-virtual portals at CSW67

Joint civil society statement on Abortion at the 51st session of the Human Rights Council

The trend of decriminalisation, provision of access to self-managed abortions and removing unnecessary legal restrictions to abortion services should continue until all persons can secure their right to bodily autonomy without discrimination.

Appeal for letters - solidarity with women wrongly imprisoned in El Salvador

This is a really historic opportunity for meaningful cross-border solidarity: the first case on the criminalization of abortion that comes before the Inter-American Human Rights Court.

We know that anti-rights actors are likely to flood the Court with their own opinions. We hope you'll make your voice heard in support of women's rights.

Abortion in Argentina: The challenge of turning Latin America green

Following a decades-long struggle, the legalization of abortion in Argentina has unleashed a tidal wave of feminism across the region but also reactions from the conservative right-wing.

Feminist groups demand states to stop repression of young feminist activists

This joint statement was delivered by AWID on behalf of the Observatory on the Universality of Rights on young women and girl’s activism.

It's not “sex-based” unless it's a one-night stand

While it is now widely understood that gender norms are socially constructed, gender theorists like Judith Butler have showed that the binary category of sex is in itself socially constructed too.

Embodying Pleasure in Bleak Times

We live different realities fraught by macro and micro systems of injustice, some more devastating than others...

Haiti needs inclusive feminism that defends all women, including trans women

Much of the feminist movement in Haiti thinks the crisis-torn country isn’t ready for this conversation – but it will make us all better feminists 

We demand a feminist recovery from COVID 19!

The Covid-19 crisis has laid bare deep inequalities within and between societies borne from interlocking oppressions that predate the crisis. Responses to the pandemic have demonstrated how market, religious and nationalist fundamentalisms consolidate and collude to expand the political, social and economic power and influence of anti-rights actors and corporations, at the expense of the most marginalized.

Adolescents and young people have the right to access and receive comprehensive sexuality education

Adolescents and young people have the right to information about sexual and reproductive health, which is supported by international law standards. The right to comprehensive sexuality education derives from a range of human rights, such as the right to live free from violence and discrimination, the right to the highest attainable standard of mental and physical health, but also the right to receive and impart information and the right to quality inclusive education.