Haiti needs inclusive feminism that defends all women, including trans women

Much of the feminist movement in Haiti thinks the crisis-torn country isn’t ready for this conversation – but it will make us all better feminists 

We demand a feminist recovery from COVID 19!

The Covid-19 crisis has laid bare deep inequalities within and between societies borne from interlocking oppressions that predate the crisis. Responses to the pandemic have demonstrated how market, religious and nationalist fundamentalisms consolidate and collude to expand the political, social and economic power and influence of anti-rights actors and corporations, at the expense of the most marginalized.

Adolescents and young people have the right to access and receive comprehensive sexuality education

Adolescents and young people have the right to information about sexual and reproductive health, which is supported by international law standards. The right to comprehensive sexuality education derives from a range of human rights, such as the right to live free from violence and discrimination, the right to the highest attainable standard of mental and physical health, but also the right to receive and impart information and the right to quality inclusive education.

Everyone has the right to life-saving interventions during or outside of crises

Joint Civil Society Statement International Safe Abortion Day 45th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

Item 8 General Debate

Please note that an abbreviated version of this statement was delivered orally on 1 October 2020 to fit the time requirements of the Human Rights Council. 

We make this statement on behalf of 354 organizations and 643 individuals.

Tracking the harassers: a visual story

A comic by Myra El Mir: "This story starts with something so routine, so common, we've all seen it...."

Facing the Challenges of New Reproductive Technologies

This primer is a guide to the current debates on new reproductive technologies (NRTs), how they are changing political landscapes, and their potential effects on women's human rights.

Nigeria: Not left out of the global rollback of sexual and reproductive rights

To really care for life, all of the women, babies, children and minors captured in that statement must have access to a full bouquet of health services that allow them to live long and live well. An insistence that foetuses become babies at all costs, even when that cost is the lives and wellbeing of hundreds of women and girls, is not pro-life. It is misogynistic. And it must be resisted.

HRC41: Critical Gains Despite Backlash

Despite concerted opposition by some States and anti-rights organizations who tried to undermine the existing legal framework on women’s rights and on sexual and reproductive health and rights, the Human Rights Council stood strong and delivered strong resolutions that highlight critical human rights abuses facing women and girls.

Feminist funded organizing: our money, our decisions

In this article, Victoria Tesoriero examines two concrete experiences that rely on different self-generated resourcing strategies. Two key spaces for organizing  and movement building that have helped create more established collaboration and brought together activists from across different generations. 

States must respect, protect and fulfil the rights of WHRDs

Oral statement at the 40th session of the Human Right Council on the crucial role of women human rights defenders (WHRDs) and feminist activists and their right to engage at international and regional levels without any discrimination, violence, threats and reprisals.