Beyond Unpolicing: Notes from an Argentine sexual rights activist

My name is Alejandra Sarda-Chandiramani. I am a long-time sexual rights activist. I am from Argentina, where at present there is a very strong and massive feminist movement thanks to which Parliament has finally started discussing de-criminalizing and hopefully also legalizing abortion. I wear a green handkerchief, a symbol of that struggle.  

5 Explosions of Resistance in 2018

In spite of significant challenges, it is important to celebrate the people and movements that are creating feminist models, movements, and realities around the world.

We welcome the resolution on maternal mortality and morbidity and human rights at the HRC

A comprehensive resolution on preventable maternal mortality and morbidity and human rights in humanitarian settings was adopted by consensus on Thursday September 27, 2018.


The Human Rights Council must condemn attacks on abortion rights defenders

In support of the September 28 “Global Day of Action for Access to Safe and Legal Abortion”, 223 civil society organizations from around the world have endorsed this joint statement on abortion rights.

Argentine Green Tide on the Rise, Challenging ‘Fear of god’

After the June 14th vote that approved the bill legalizing the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancies, various groups and institutions ramped up their opposition. Out of arguments, they began resorting to violence.

Major gains made for women’s and girls’ rights at the Human Rights Council

Feminists welcome the major gains on women’s and girls’ rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights at the Human Rights Council.

Innovative and Progressive: AWID and partners commend the work of the UN WG on Discrimination against Women

This joint statement to the 38th Session of the Human Rights Council expresses support for the Working Group on Discrimination Against Women in Law and in Practice and commends the Working Group’s strong report to the Council on reasserting equality and countering rollbacks [A /HRC/38/46]

Feminist bots vs rightwing trolls: Brazil’s gender justice movements cross new frontiers

Abortion has long been criminalized in Brazil, and barely figures into the mainstream leftist political agenda. It is an issue that many have all but given up on - but not the feminist movements.

Let’s not just open the door, let’s open the dialogue

The recent Zika outbreak in Latin America and the Caribbean has highlighted some areas where different sectors of the global feminist movement need to deepen reflection and dialogue about how to develop tactics and strategies for moving our collective rights and justice agendas forward.

What’s Sexy about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights?

In the context of sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR), the subject of pleasure remains a big taboo. Yet many working in the field around the world are struggling to reach young people with vital information relating their sexual and reproductive health and rights. Is this because we are failing to take into account the motivations and desires of those we are trying to engage?