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AWID Forum: Reliving the magic, imagining the future

A year ago today - on September 6, 2016 - 1,800 feminists and women’s rights advocates from all corners of our movements gathered on the shores of Bahia for the 13th AWID International Forum.

After several pre-Forum events (including the Black Feminisms Forum, Young Feminist Activist Day, Donors Day and Feminist Internet eXchange), and four days of the AWID Forum, participants reported back that the fire of feminism is burning bright.

Get a flavor and feel of various events at the 2016 Forum in Bahia in these videos produced in partnership with None on Record:

Black Feminisms Forum 2016

The Black Feminisms Forum was a space for Black and Afrodescendant feminists to come together in Bahia, Brazil, from diverse sectors, regions and identities across Africa and the Diaspora to explore, dialogue, debate, and share the intersections of our struggles and activisms. Convening Black Feminisms at the AWID 2016 Forum was a historic opportunity fulfilling a long-awaited need.

Young Feminist Organizing at the 2016 AWID Forum

Description: Activists and organizers during the pre-Forum Young Feminist Activism Day, brought together over 120 young feminists from around the world under the banner of “Breaking Silos: Solidarity Within and Across Movements”. They raised their voices, elevating their visibility and the impact of young feminist activism within and across social movements.  Their exciting campaign #PracticeSolidarity explored what solidarity means for young feminists across gender, racial, economic, social and ecological justice movements.


AWID Forum