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AWID Forum: Co-creating Feminist Futures

The last 2016 AWID Forum in Brazil, powerfully created a space for re-imagining and co-creating our feminist futures.

AWID Forums started in 1983, in Washington DC. Since then, the event has grown to become many things to many peoples: an iterative process of sharpening our analyses, vision and actions; a watershed moment that reinvigorates participants’ feminisms and energizes their organizing; and a political home for women human rights defenders to find sanctuary and solidarity.

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Timely response to a pressing need

There has never been a better time to imagine futures free from oppressions, injustice, war and violence, and to develop concrete strategies for people and planet based on our shared humanity. There was no better political moment to link arms with Brazilian feminist movement leaders and demonstrate global solidarity.

The Forum brought together over 1,800 feminists and WHRDs from a broad diversity of movements and sectors to lay out a process for collectively strategizing our feminist futures.

The 2016 AWID Forum aimed to:

  • Celebrate the gains of the past 20 years by diverse social movements and critically analyze the lessons we can carry forward.

  • Assess our current reality to locate the opportunities and threats for advancing the rights of women and other oppressed people.

  • Explore strategies for mobilizing greater solidarity and collective power across diverse movements.

  • Inspire, energize and renew strength and purpose.

The 2016 event revolved around 5 guiding themes:

  • Our gains & learning from the past decades
  • Our current realities, threats, challenges and opportunities
  • Institutions and mechanisms that we can leverage in our fights  
  • Our visions for feminist futures
  • Our collective power to effectively build those futures

Within four days, we built a community out of strangers. In Brazil, we brought our stories of triumph and struggle, challenged one another to build a deeper and more layered worldview, and stitched our strategies together in order to construct a more vigorous defense and more transformative feminist solutions. We ended nights sometimes with somber commemoration, sometimes with dancing but always with celebration of our powerful movements. We are truly grateful for your visionary leadership and solidarity.

This section highlights the gains, learnings and resources that came out of our rich conversations. We invite you to explore, share and comment.

Until the next Forum!

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