Priority Areas

Supporting feminist, women’s rights and gender justice movements to thrive, to be a driving force in challenging systems of oppression, and to co-create feminist realities.

Resourcing Feminist Movements

Around the world, feminist, women’s rights, and allied movements are confronting power and reimagining a politics of liberation. The contributions that fuel this work come in many forms, from financial and political resources to daily acts of resistance and survival.

AWID’s Resourcing Feminist Movements (RFM) Initiative shines a light on the current funding ecosystem, which range from self-generated models of resourcing to more formal funding streams.

Through our research and analysis, we examine how funding practices can better serve our movements. We critically explore the contradictions in “funding” social transformation, especially in the face of increasing political repression, anti-rights agendas, and rising corporate power. Above all, we build collective strategies that support thriving, robust, and resilient movements.

Our Actions

Recognizing the richness of our movements and responding to the current moment, we:

  • Create and amplify alternatives: We amplify funding practices that center activists’ own priorities and engage a diverse range of funders and activists in crafting new, dynamic models  for resourcing feminist movements, particularly in the context of closing civil society space.

  • Build knowledge: We explore, exchange, and strengthen knowledge about how movements are attracting, organizing, and using the resources they need to accomplish meaningful change.

  • Advocate: We work in partnerships, such as the Count Me In! Consortium, to influence funding agendas and open space for feminist movements to be in direct dialogue to shift power and money.

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CFA FAQ - Accessibility and Health - Thai


Snippet - CSW68 Intro

Reclaiming Feminist Power

This year, we, alongside feminist activists from across the world, will be at CSW68 in New York, to challenge capitalist, neoliberal narratives and false solutions around poverty, development and financing. Through in-person events, lives on our socials, an exhibit booth and more; we are showing up to convene, amplify and support the voices and participation of our members, partners and allies.

Learn more about our program this year below.

Snippet - Shines light - EN

Shines a light on the financial status of diverse feminist, women’s rights, gender justice, LBTQI+ and allied movements in all regions and all contexts

Snippet - WITM Our objectives - EN

Our WITM research objectives


Provide AWID members, movement partners and funders with an updated, powerful, evidence-based, and action-oriented analysis of the resourcing realities of feminist movements and current state of the feminist funding ecosystem.


Identify and demonstrate opportunities to shift more and better funding for feminist organizing, expose false solutions and disrupt trends that make funding miss and/or move against gender justice and intersectional feminist agendas.


Articulate feminist visions, proposals and agendas for resourcing justice.


How can I access the survey?

The survey is available on KOBO, an open-source platform for collecting, managing, and visualizing data. To participate, simply click on the survey link here and follow the instructions to complete the survey. You can also see all survey questions in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish in the PDF format here.

I have responded to the survey but changed my mind and want our response to be withdrawn, what do I do?

If, for any reason, you want your response to be withdrawn and deleted, you have the right to do so. Please contact us via the form here, indicating “WITM Survey” as the title of your message, and we will withdraw and delete your response.

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Чтобы поделиться опытом финансирования в вашей организации

Become a member - English (homepage block)

Join Us

By joining AWID, you are becoming part of worldwide feminist organizing, a collective power that is rooted in working across movements and is based on solidarity.

Become a Member

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O inquérito está disponível em árabe, inglês, francês, português, russo e espanhol!


Membership why page - Angelina Mootoo quote

"Joining AWID, I hope I can help in the mobilization of the feminist movement. Not just for the privileged women, but for ALL women and feminist activists."

- Angelina Mootoo, Intersectional and Caribbean Feminist, Guyana/USA

Snippet - WITM about research - AR

عن استطلاع "أين المال"

استطلاع "اين المال" (أين المال للتنظيمات النسوية) العالمي هو ركيزة أساسية للنسخة الثالثة لأبحاثنا الموجهة نحو العمل. سيتم بحث وتوسيع نتائج الاستطلاع من خلال المحادثات العميقة مع النشطاء/ الناشطات والممولين/ات وسيتم مقارنة النتائج مع تحليلات وبحوث أخرى عن وضع التمويل للحركات النسوية وحركات العدالة الجندرية.

سيتم نشر تقرير أين المال للتنظيمات النسوية في العام 2026.

لمعرفة المزيد عن كيف تسلّط جمعية حقوق المرأة في التنمية الضوء على المال للتنظيمات النسوية وضدها، انظروا إلى قصة "أين المال" وتقارير سابقة هنا

FRMag - Roots of Love and Resilience

Kunyit Asam: The Roots of Love and Resilience

by Prinka Saraswati

The menstrual cycle usually lasts between 27 and 30 days. During this time, the period itself would only go on for five to seven days. During the period, fatigue, mood swings, and cramps are the result of inflammation. (...)


< artwork: “Feminist Movement” by Karina Tungari 

Por que devo considerar responder ao inquérito?

Existem várias razões pelas quais a sua resposta ao inquérito WITM é importante. Por exemplo, tem a oportunidade de partilhar a sua experiência vivida com a mobilização de financiamento para apoiar a sua organização; de reivindicar o seu poder como especialista sobre como o dinheiro circula e os bolsos em que entra; e de contribuir para a defesa coletiva e consistente junto de financiadores para mover mais recursos de maior qualidade. Ao longo das últimas duas décadas, o inquérito WITM da AWID tem-se revelado um recurso fundamental para ativistas e financiadores. Convidamo-lo a juntar-se a nós na sua terceira edição para destacar o estado efetivo do financiamento, desafiar soluções falsas e apontar a forma como o financiamento precisa de mudar para que os movimentos prosperem e enfrentem os desafios complexos do nosso tempo.

Film club - Films from Nuestramérica

Our final Feminist Film Club program is now available to view: “Films from Nuestramérica” is a film series on Latin/Central American Feminist Realities curated by Alejandra Laprea (Venezuela).


نحن نعيد إعطاء المال لشركائنا/شريكاتنا ونعرّف عن أنفسنا كنسويات و\ أو صندوق نسائي. هل علينا تعبئة الاستطلاع؟

كلا. نقدّر عملكم/ن لكننا لا نطلب في هذه المرحلة من الصناديق النسوية والنسائية تعبئة الاستطلاع. نشجعكم/ن على مشاركة الاستطلاع مع شركائكم/ن و شبكاتكم/ن النسوية.

Primer: Spot key groups and debunk their narratives


Spot key groups and debunk their narratives

Are you a UN policy maker and want to know the main anti-rights groups and discourses to look out for? Or a feminist looking for quick counter-arguments? This 8-page primer provides key information at a glance.

Get the primer

На каких языках проводится опрос?

На данный момент опрос в KOBO доступен на арабском, английском, французском, португальском, русском и испанском языках. В начале опроса у вас будет возможность выбрать нужный вам язык.

Snippet Kohl - Panel “un”Inclusive Feminism: The voiceless girls in the Haitian feminist movement

Globe “un”Inclusive Feminism

with Naike Ledan and Fédorah Pierre-Louis.


Devo fazer alguma preparação para responder ao inquérito?

Tendo em conta que o inquérito WITM foca-se nas realidades do financiamento de organizações feministas, a maioria das perguntas aborda o tópico do financiamento do seu grupo entre 2021-2023. Será preciso ter essas informações facilmente acessíveis para preencher o inquérito (por exemplo, os seus orçamentos anuais e as principais fontes de financiamento).

#4 - Sexting like a feminist Tweets Snippet EN

Real feminists don’t kink-shame.

Image of a tweet. Text says: The revolution in your pants will not be televised... unless you're into that kind of thing. Which we can discuss... viva.