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Report: Gender Impact Investing

Gender Impact Investing & The Rise of False Solutions:

An Analysis for Feminist Movements

Gender Impact Investing (GII) is now trending as a solution to gender inequality. Yet, as our report indicates, it is actually part of the problem. Public and private institutions marketing GII equate it with promotion of gender equality and with increased resources for women and girls.

Neither claim is evidence-based.

Rather, GII is another expression of subjecting our lives and societies to the same financial logic that has shaped, and continues shaping, the profound inequalities in our world.

Cover for the English version of the report: Gender Impact Investing & The Rise of False Solutions. The cover background is burgundy and the title is placed over mustard-color bars. On the lower right corner there is an illustration of a magnifying glass zooming on several shapes that have currency signs inside them. Some of the signs are dollar, yen, British pounds and euros.

With this report, AWID offers the readers - feminists, gender justice advocates and stakeholders in gender impact investing - a critical analysis and substantiated evidence to understand GII, its narratives, and economic and political implications for feminist movements.

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