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"Where Is The Money for Feminist Organizing?" 2024 Survey

The Where is the Money survey centers activists' voices and experiences to mobilize more money and power for feminist movements.

Why should I take this survey?

To share your lived experience with mobilizing funding for your organizing

To build feminist-realities centered evidence on how money moves and who it is reaching

To claim your power as an expert on the state of resourcing for feminist movements

To strengthen our collective voice and power for more and better funding for feminist, women's rights, LBTQI+ and allied organizing globally

To make the complexity of resourcing diverse forms of feminist organizing visible




 The survey is available in: Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish!


Why should I take it now?

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Feminist, women’s rights, gender justice, LBTQI+ and allied movements around the world are at a critical juncture, facing a powerful backlash on previously-won rights and freedoms. Recent years have brought the rapid rise of authoritarianism, violent repression of civil society, criminalization of women and gender-diverse human rights defenders, escalating war and conflict in many parts of our world, continued perpetuation of economic injustices, and the intersecting health, ecology and climate crises.

Resourcing feminist movements is fundamental to securing a more just and peaceful present and liberated future.

While funders committed significantly more money to gender equality over the last decade, still only 1% of philanthropic and development funding has actually been moved to directly resource feminist-led social change. 

In solidarity with movements that continue to be invisibilized, marginalized and without access to core, long-term, flexible and trust-based funding, the WITM survey highlights the actual state of resourcing, challenges false solutions, and points to how funding models must change for movements to thrive and meet the complex challenges of our times.


About WITM research

The WITM global survey is a key pillar of the third iteration of our action-oriented research: “Where is the Money for Feminist Organizing?” (in short, Where is the Money or WITM). The results of the survey will be further elaborated and explored through in-depth conversations with activists and funders, and cross-referenced with other existing analysis and research on the state of funding for feminists and gender equality globally. 

The full “Where is the Money for Feminist Organizing” report will be published in 2026.

To learn more how AWID has been shining a light on money for and against feminist movements check out the work of our Resourcing Feminist Movements Initiative here.

Our WITM research objectives


Provide AWID members, movement partners and funders with an updated, powerful, evidence-based, and action-oriented analysis of the resourcing realities of feminist movements and current state of the feminist funding ecosystem.


Identify and demonstrate opportunities to shift more and better funding for feminist organizing, expose false solutions and disrupt trends that make funding miss and/or move against gender justice and intersectional feminist agendas.


Articulate feminist visions, proposals and agendas for resourcing justice.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the WITM survey?

The key objective of the WITM survey is to shine light on the financial status of diverse feminist, women’s rights, gender justice, LBTQI+ and allied movements globally. Based on this, we hope to further strengthen the case for moving more and better money, as well as shift power, to feminist movements.

Why should I consider responding to the survey?

There are many reasons why your response to the WITM survey matters. The survey offers the opportunity to share your lived experience of mobilizing funding to support your organizing; claim your power as an expert on how money moves and who it reaches; and contribute to collective and consistent advocacy to funders moving more and better funding. Over the last two decades, AWID’s WITM research has proven to be a key resource for activists and funders. We wholeheartedly invite you to join us in its third iteration to highlight the actual state of resourcing, challenge false solutions, and point out how funding must change for movements to thrive and meet the complex challenges of our times.

Who should participate in the survey?

Groups, organizations and/or movements working specifically or primarily for women, girls, gender justice, LBTQI+ and allied people’s rights in all regions and at all levels, both newly formed and long-standing.

Our group, organization and/or movement is not registered, should we take the survey anyway?

Absolutely, we want to hear about your experience with resourcing.

I am an individual activist, not working with any group, organization and/or movement at this moment, should I still fill the survey?

No, we appreciate your work but are not asking for responses from individuals at this time.

Could there be multiple responses to the WITM survey on behalf of a specific group?

No, we are asking for just one completed survey per group.

We re-grant money to grantee partners and identify as a feminist and/or women’s fund, should we take the survey?

No, we very much appreciate your work but are not asking for responses from women’s and feminist funds at this time. We do encourage you to share the survey with your grantee partners and feminist networks.

Our group, organization and/or movement has not taken or mobilized funding from external funders, should we take the survey?

Yes! We recognize and appreciate different reasons why feminists, in their respective contexts, don’t have external funding: from being ineligible to apply for grants and/or receive money from abroad, to relying on resources generated autonomously as a political strategy in its own right. We want to hear from you regardless of your experience with external funding.

How do you define external funding?

External funding includes grants and other forms of funding from philanthropic foundations, governments, bilateral, multilateral or corporate funders and individual donors – from both within your country or abroad. It excludes resources that groups, organizations and/or movements generate autonomously such as, for example, membership fees, the voluntary contributions of staff, members and/or supporters, community fundraisers, venue hires or sale of services. For ease and clarity, definitions of the different types of funding as well as short descriptions of different donors are included in the survey.

How can I access the survey?

The survey is available on KOBO, an open-source platform for collecting, managing, and visualizing data. To participate, simply click on the survey link here and follow the instructions to complete the survey. 

Can I fill the survey outside KOBO and share my responses with you via email?

Unless there are accessibility issues and/or you are filling the survey in other languages, we strongly encourage you to use KOBO for WITM standardized data collection and analysis.

Can I access and fill the survey from my phone?

Yes, the survey can be accessed using a smartphone.

How many questions are in the survey?

There are 47 questions in total, of which 27 are mandatory* and the remaining 20 are optional. The majority of questions are multiple-choice. We invite you to respond to all the questions.

What are the WITM official survey languages?

For now, the survey on KOBO is available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. You will have the chance to select your language of choice at the beginning of the survey.

How much time does the survey take to complete?

The estimated time to complete the survey is 30 minutes.

Do I have to respond to all questions at once or can I come back to complete it later?

If you wish to save your responses and come back to the survey later, you are able to do this whenever needed. KOBO will save your draft responses on the top left corner of the survey page and reload your record when you return to the survey. Just make sure to continue from the same computer and browser.

My language is not one of the official survey languages and I am struggling to complete it, what can I do?

AWID is committed to language justice and we regret that, at this point, having the WITM survey available in more languages is not feasible. However, if you need support with translations or want to fill the survey in any other language, please reach out to us at

Is the WITM survey accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, the survey is accessible to people with a diverse range of hearing, movement, sight, and cognitive abilities.

Will I have the opportunity to share my thoughts on issues not covered by the survey questions?

Yes, we invite you to share more on issues that are important to you by responding to the open question(s) at the end of the survey.

Should I do any preparation to respond to the survey?

As the WITM survey is focused on resourcing realities for feminist organizations, most questions ask about your group’s funding between 2021–2023. You will need to have this information with you to fill out the survey (e.g., your annual budgets and key sources of funding).

Our group did not receive external funding between 2021 and 2023, should we still fill out the survey?

Yes, we still want to hear from you regardless of whether you received funding in all three, two or only one of the years between 2021 and 2023.

How will you present and process the data collected via the survey?

The data will be processed for statistical purposes to shed light on the state of resourcing for feminist movements globally and will only be displayed in an aggregate form. AWID will not publish information about a particular organization or display information that would allow an organization to be identified by its location or characteristics, without their prior consent.

Is my participation confidential?

Absolutely. Your responses will be deleted at the end of data processing and analysis, and used for research purposes only. Data will NEVER be shared outside of AWID and will be only processed by AWID staff and consultants working on the WITM project. We prioritize your privacy and security. Our detailed privacy policy is available here.

Why are you asking for the name of the group, organization and/or movement completing the survey and our contact information?

We are asking for this data to facilitate the review of responses, avoid duplication and be able to contact your group in case you have been unable to complete the questionnaire and/or you have doubts or further questions. You can learn more about how we use the personal information we collect through our work here.

I don't feel comfortable sharing the name of my group and our contact information with AWID, should I still fill out the survey?

Absolutely. These questions are optional, we value your right to remain anonymous. Please fill the survey regardless of your decision to share the name and contact information of your group, organization and/or movement.

I have responded to the survey but changed my mind and want our response to be withdrawn, what do I do?

If, for any reason, you want your response to be withdrawn and deleted, you have the right to do so. Please contact us via the form here, indicating “WITM Survey” as the title of your message, and we will withdraw and delete your response.

The resourcing realities and state of funding for feminist movements change quickly, is this survey a one-off?

No, it's not. This survey builds on AWID’s 20-year history of mobilizing more and better funding for feminist-led social change and is the third iteration of our Where is the money for feminist organizing? research. Our aim is to repeat the WITM survey every 3 years.

How many survey responses are you looking to collect?

Our aim is to reach a total of 2,000 responses, almost double the number from the last WITM survey in 2011.

How long is the survey open?

The survey is open until the end of July 2024. Please complete it within this timeframe to ensure your responses are included in the analysis.

When will survey results be available?

We will analyze the survey responses, derive insights and trends, and present the results during the 15th AWID International Forum in Bangkok, and online, in December 2024. Register to attend the Forum here!

Can I share the survey with others?

Yes, please do! We encourage you to share the survey link with your networks. The more diverse perspectives we gather, the more comprehensive our understanding of the financial landscape for feminist organizing will be.

Can I contact someone if I have questions or concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via the form here, indicating “WITM Survey” as the title of your message. You can also write to us at