What has feminism got to do with it?

A conversation on how feminism shapes systemic alternatives and doesn’t 

On September 23rd and October 13th, 2020, a small group of diverse feminist activists working toward transformative change, met to discuss how feminism has shaped or is currently shaping systemic alternatives. We present these notes from what was a very rich conversation, with gratitude to all those who shared their experiences, knowledge, and passion to build a better world. 

Toward a feminist funding ecosystem: A framework and practical guide

Imagine the world we could create together if feminist movements were abundantly resourced. In our new report, Toward A Feminist Funding Ecosystem, we explore what it would take to make this a reality.

Tracking the harassers: a visual story

A comic by Myra El Mir: "This story starts with something so routine, so common, we've all seen it...."

#PracticeSolidarity: How we build feminist futures

This past year, young feminists from around the world launched a campaign exploring what solidarity means across movements.

Infographic: Women human rights defenders killed in 2015

This infographic highlights the disproportionate number of women human rights defenders in AWID's 2015 Tribute who were murdered. They came from all walks of life and included LGBTQI activists, trans* people, indigenous women, land rights activists, sex worker activists, women’s rights activists, journalists, lawyers, political activists, economists, artists, and writers. 

Holistic Protection for Women Human Rights Defenders

This set of infographics share key components of holistic protection for women human rights defenders.