Recommendations to protect WHRDs confronting extractive industries

In our report on Women Human Rights Defenders confronting extractive industries,  AWID and the Women Human Rights Defender International Coalition (WHRDIC) have made the following recommendations in order to contribute towards a safe, enabling environments for WHRDs as they peacefully exercise power and define visions of development for themselves and their communities.

Weaving resistance through action: Strategies of WHRDs confronting extractivism and corporate power

Building on inspiring stories of resistance, our new practical guide presents concrete strategies put in place by WHRDs to confront corporate power and preserve their people, livelihood and territories against extractivism.

Social media kit: “Movements Matter” digital visual art series

We invite you to share the '#MovementsMatter' illustrations with your networks to support your movement-building work of changing hearts and minds.

‘Movements Matter’: A digital visual art series

Explore our ‘Movements Matter', a digital visual art series that illustrates how movements build collective and compelling political power for human rights, equality and justice.

Social Media Kit: A tribute to WHRDs who are no longer with us

Join us in commemorating and celebrating WHRDs who have fought tirelessly for their human rights and for those of others. We welcome you to share these on your social media channels and to add your own reflections on the contributions these WHRDs have made to the advancement of human rights. 

Feminist Donor List: Who Can Fund My Women’s Rights Organizing?

Feminist and women’s rights organizations face many challenges conducting the necessary and often urgent work fighting for women’s rights in their communities, while simultaneously searching for funding to sustain themselves. Responding to a key demand of our constituencies, AWID offers a searchable donor list, making it easier for feminist and women’s rights organizations to connect with the right funders.

Resource Mobilization Hub at the 12th International AWID Forum

The Resource Mobilization Hub (RMH) at the 12th International AWID Forum  was developed in close collaboration with peers in the funding community and women's rights movement. The RMH was the first of it's kind at an AWID Forum and offered a dynamic, interactive space for both funders and women’s rights activists. 

At the RMH, both donor representatives and women's rights activists participated in: 

AWID’s Wiki on Monitoring and Evaluation

The aim of this Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Compendium in wiki format is to gain deeper insight into how different M&E frameworks, approaches, and tools have been used and adapted by women’s organizations to capture the complexity of changes in women’s rights and gender equality work. 

To that end, we provide a brief overview and critical analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of some of the leading M&E frameworks, approaches, and tools.

List of Materials and Resources for Women Human Rights Defenders

The compilation includes materials related to the security, protection and self-case of women human rights defenders, along with manuals dealing with the documentation and monitoring of violations of women’s rights, and information about rights and mechanisms available to women human rights defenders at risk.