Development Cooperation Beyond the Aid Effectiveness Paradigm: A women’s rights perspective

This discussion paper unpacks how women’s rights advocates envision a development cooperation framework that takes into account gender equality and women's rights and that is truly inclusive, sustainable and just.

Key Demands to the Fourth Forum on Aid Effectiveness

Feminists, gender equality and women’s rights activists and organizations reaffirmed their vision for transformation and offered concrete recommendations for improving the international development cooperation architecture in a set of key demands.


Getting at the Roots: Reintegrating human rights and gender equality in the post-2015 development agenda

This paper aims to contribute to debates on addressing root causes of inequalities, including gender inequality, within the post-2015 development process.

The Power of Investing in Women’s Rights and Empowerment: A Mid-term Summary of the MDG3 Fund and its Gender Equality Outcomes

This brief shares an assessment of the Dutch MDG3 Fund, highlighting the mid-term outcomes of grants made to a sample of women's organizations worldwide.