Why New Technology is a Women's Rights Issue

This primer will explore the complex ways new technologies affect women’s rights and their place in a global agenda for gender justice.

Capturing Change in Women’s Realities

This document provides a critique of current monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks and approaches as experienced by women’s organizations and movements worldwide along with an analysis of a large number of M&E frameworks and tools.

Compilation of inputs from women’s rights advocates on the occasion of the CSW59

In the lead up to CSW59 AWID called on feminists and women’s rights advocates to share three key messages about women’s rights with UN and government leaders.

Urgent Responses for Women Human Rights Defenders at Risk

This report describes the types of resources and strategies available to respond to urgent situations of violence against WHRDs as well as some of the organizations that offer them.

Strengthening Monitoring and Evaluation: 13 Insights for Women's Organizations

This publication presents thirteen key insights into how women’s rights organizations and movements can strengthen capacity to track and assess the contribution of their organizations and interventions.

Resource Mobilization for Women’s Rights Organizations and Movements in the Middle East and North Africa

This report captures the highlights and outcomes of the Feminist Resource Mobilization Strategy Meeting for Women’s Rights Organizations & Movements in the MENA Region, a space for over 50 participant organizations to receive important information on funding for women’s rights.

Fact and Fiction: Examining Microcredit/Microfinance from a Feminist Perspective

This primer provides a definition of microcredit, situates the tool both historically and within present debates on development and economics and finally discusses its impact on particular groups of women.

A Rights-Based Approach to Development

This primer describes the rights-based approach to development, presents its benefits to the development community, and suggests some ways that it can be used.

Civil Society, Community Participation and Empowerment in the Era of Globalisation

In this article, feminist political economist Marilyn Waring looks at international development, civil society and the rights agenda through a feminist movement history lens.

What Gender Equality Advocates Should Know about Taxation

This paper is intended to provide information to assist in the analysis of potential gender bias in tax systems and the design of gender-sensitive revenue measures.