Creating homespace: An act of Black feminist self care and resistance

Whether they’re demanding that #FeesMustFall in South Africa, contesting white settler colonialism in Canada, or defending the right of Afrofeminists in France to self-organize and decolonize, Black Feminists around the world are fighting interconnected (yet unique) struggles.

Why we need a Black Feminisms Forum

The Black Feminisms Forum (BFF) takes place 5 - 6 September 2016, ahead of the AWID Forum in Bahia, Brazil.

The BFF will connect Black and Afrodescendant feminists from many regions of the world to celebrate the contribution of Black feminisms to knowledge, practice and struggles for self-determination and justice, while building solidarity and collective power.

Radical Acts: An interview with Caron Gugssa-Howard and Camira Powell

The Black Feminisms Forum (BFF) is scheduled to take place in early September this year in Salvador, Brazil, ahead of the 2016 Association for Women’s Rights in Development Forum. It will bring together Black feminists from different communities and contexts across the globe to celebrate the contribution of Black feminisms to knowledge, practice and struggles for self- determination and justice, while building solidarity across the boundaries of nation states.

Another world is possible for we are the ones we’ve been waiting for

"I grew up to the sounds of rain on the roof /  Winds bristling through the trees / Rotten mangoes on the earth (...)"

A Love Note to June Jordan

Dear June,

We are four months away from what would have been your 80th birthday—9 July. We still invoke your words, ideas, and commitment to a global movement for the liberation of all oppressed peoples of the world. You would unequivocally agree with #BlackLivesMatter and the younger generation of women and transpeople leading the movement.

The Power and Challenges of Digital Technologies for Feminist Movement Building

From the 10th-12th of April 2016, the fourth African Feminist Forum will take place in Zimbabwe, bringing together a range of wisdom, experience and insight from feminist organisers and activists from across the continent.

"The revolution will not be NGO-ised": four lessons from African feminist organising

African feminist movements are diverse. But we can, and must, learn from decades of transformational organising on the continent.

The beautyful ones are here

The Black Feminisms Forum is a space unlike any I’ve ever been a part of. There aren’t words to describe the feeling of sitting in a room full of Black women from across the world, all speaking different languages, all hailing from different contexts, all here and present in one space with the fire of our different feminisms and activisms in our bellies.

In solidarity with Natalie Jeffers... and all women human rights defenders

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) stands in solidarity with Natalie Jeffers, Founder of ‘Matters of the Earth’ and member of Black Lives Matter UK (BLM UK).

Queer visual activism in South Africa

Sandisiwe comes from a lineage of Black queer South African artists, who have documented the joy, pain, and beauty of their communities. In a national context where they face femicides and the targeted rape of lesbians, self-exploration is tantamount to resistance. Here, Sandisiwe describes her foray into visual activism, her aspirations, and ongoing book project.