Assessing donors' role in promoting women's rights and supporting women's rights organizations

This report is the result of an action research initiative that explored questions about the role of donors and drew insights into possible strategies for changing the existing funding landscape so that more resources are made available to women’s rights organizations.

The World Bank and Women's Rights in Development

This primer describes the World Bank, its governance structure and its gender mainstreaming strategy. It concludes with some action suggestions for gender equality advocates.

We, the Women: The United Nations, Feminism and Economic Justice

This paper aims to contribute to the debate around internationally agreed development and human rights goals not being met, what this implies for economic justice and women's engagement with the UN, and about the role of the UN.

Reflections towards a post-2015 development agenda

This paper presents AWID’s analysis of the post-2015 High Level Panel (HLP) report and reflections for the post-2015 development agenda moving forward.

Implementing the Paris Declaration: Implications for the Promotion of Women’s Rights and Gender Equality

This paper provides an in-depth analysis of the issues related to gender equality in the aid effectiveness agenda.

Development Cooperation and Women's Rights Series

This series of primers shares information, analysis and proposals needed to support women’s right activists in contributing to a comprehensive, balanced, and inclusive approach to reforming aid so that it reaches the people who need it most.

Key Demands to the Fourth Forum on Aid Effectiveness

Feminists, gender equality and women’s rights activists and organizations reaffirmed their vision for transformation and offered concrete recommendations for improving the international development cooperation architecture in a set of key demands.


The Power of Investing in Women’s Rights and Empowerment: A Mid-term Summary of the MDG3 Fund and its Gender Equality Outcomes

This brief shares an assessment of the Dutch MDG3 Fund, highlighting the mid-term outcomes of grants made to a sample of women's organizations worldwide.

Watering the Leaves, Starving the Roots

This report provides the latest analysis on the funding trends impacting women’s rights organizing and the financial status of women’s organizations around the world.

Trends in Bilateral and Multilateral Funding

Key trends in funding for gender equality and for civil society organizations from bilateral and multilateral agencies.