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Assessing donors' role in promoting women's rights and supporting women's rights organizations

What would you do with 100 million dollars?

While there may be some women’s rights advocates who have pondered that question in the context of winning the lottery, few have actually had the opportunity to plan their work with such a large sum in mind.

Instead, the dominant sense is one of scarcity—too few interested funders, with too little money to support existing women’s rights organizations and initiatives.

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Is it that women’s rights groups are not bold enough in their fundraising strategies?

Is it that donors simply don’t get the urgency and importance of this work?

What has really been happening in terms of funding for women’s rights organizations in the last ten years and what have been the driving forces behind those trends?

This report is the result of an action research initiative that explored these questions and drew insights into possible strategies for changing the existing funding landscape so that more resources are made available to women’s rights organizations.

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