COP26: Feminist Perspectives on the Climate Summit and Beyond

You will not be surprised to hear that the fifteen days of negotiations during the COP26 did not lead to the binding climate commitments we need, overlooked gender-responsive climate policies and failed to equitably redistribute resources to ensure just transitions.

Climate Change and the Covid-19 crisis are Two Sides of the Same Coin: You Can’t Tackle One Without the Other

This article was originally published on the LSE WPS blog.

Curated Resources - Rainbows and Storms: LGBTQI+, climate crisis and pandemics

The Curated Conversation "Rainbows and Storms: LGBTQI+, climate crisis and pandemics" centers queer voices. Held with DIVA for Equality Fiji, we will learn how to set up community owned aquaponic gardens, collective cleaning of rivers, or organize queer women builders networks. 

We propose here a series of resources for you to explore and dive into the theme.

Recommendations to protect WHRDs confronting extractive industries

In our report on Women Human Rights Defenders confronting extractive industries,  AWID and the Women Human Rights Defender International Coalition (WHRDIC) have made the following recommendations in order to contribute towards a safe, enabling environments for WHRDs as they peacefully exercise power and define visions of development for themselves and their communities.

Weaving resistance through action: Strategies of WHRDs confronting extractivism and corporate power

Building on inspiring stories of resistance, our new practical guide presents concrete strategies put in place by WHRDs to confront corporate power and preserve their people, livelihood and territories against extractivism.

Defending people and planet: WHRDs confronting extractive industries

We are launching two new resources featuring courageous Women Human Rights Defenders who are confronting extractive industries and corporate power. They share their struggles for land and life, and speak to the risks and challenges they face in their activism.

Why New Technology is a Women's Rights Issue

This primer will explore the complex ways new technologies affect women’s rights and their place in a global agenda for gender justice.

Gender Equality and New Technologies: Nanotechnology

This fact sheet explains the meaning of 'nanotechnology', explores its potential promises and risks, some of the reasons it matters for gender equality and identify ways it can be addressed. 

Feminist Perspectives towards Transforming Economic Power: Agroecology

This publication examines the relationship between agroecology and feminism and shows agroecology to be an essential tool that can advance the empowerment of rural women.

We need an anti-colonial, intersectional feminist climate justice movement

Last week, over 4 million people across 185 countries participated in the biggest human climate protest in history.