A call from Myanmar – a recall of Tunisia

On refinding your optimism as a revolutionary feminist

My name is Lola.
I am a feminist. 
I have never been to Myanmar.

Laughing in the Face of Corporate Capture: a Feminist Perspective

We asked a few feminist humorists about their opinion on corporate capture, and this is what they told us.

Feminist Reflections from HRC53: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities

As we reflect on its recently-concluded 53rd session taking place in June and July 2023, we revisit some of the details to better understand how states and anti-rights organizations seek to avoid scrutiny for human rights violations and undermine the system as a whole.

Se não lutarmos juntes, vamos chorar juntes.

Estamos cansadas ​​de sermos reduzidas a estudos de caso e campos de pesquisa para acadêmicos e estatísticas para financiadores, em vez de sermos vistas como seres humanos que somos.

If we do not fight together, we will mourn together.

We are tired of being reduced to case studies and research fields for academics and statistics for funders, instead of being seen as the human beings we are.

Abortion in Argentina: The challenge of turning Latin America green

Following a decades-long struggle, the legalization of abortion in Argentina has unleashed a tidal wave of feminism across the region but also reactions from the conservative right-wing.

It's not “sex-based” unless it's a one-night stand

While it is now widely understood that gender norms are socially constructed, gender theorists like Judith Butler have showed that the binary category of sex is in itself socially constructed too.

Afroféminas: mujeres pero no iguales

En el marco del “Día Internacional de la Mujer Afrolatinoamericana, Afrocaribeña y de la Diáspora'', las afrofeminas levantan sus voces para exigir sus derechos y revisibilizar sus luchas. Esto no quiere decir que durante el resto del año callen, más bien, es en esta fecha que confluyen en un mismo sentir en pro de su etnicidad. 

Foreign Aid and Refugee Support: Stop the Cruel Sum-Zero Game

What is called a ‘refugee crisis’ is not the influx of refugees but the crisis of inhumane and often abusive and cruel asylum systems, designed not to receive but to reject as many people as possible.

Hot Tips for Feminist Communicators

Communication itself is a dynamic process between the sender and recipient: once a sender has a message, they must create the actual content to send, decide on format, send the message, and then ensure it is received.